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3 March 2010
No Miracles Before 2012
by Ian R Thorpe

What a strange couple of weeks, no major articles from our writers because nothing much that is new and worth commenting on has happened.

There was that ridiculous poll published in The Sunday Times that suggested the Conservatives lead was down to 2% which would mean a hung Parliament. Funny is't it how whenever that phrase "hung Parliament" comes up people start to walk around wearing a small grin of morbid anticipation.

It was all a storm in a teacup however. On Sunday comentators were pointing out the Conservative lead had diminished by five percentage points between the poll first being published in early editions and the final edition hitting the streets. By Tuesday polls were once again showing a Conservative lead of 6%. Kerfuffle over.

But what do people expect from a new Government. A week of dire economic news and a ludicrous upward revision in the economic statistics for the final quarter of 2009 saw the value of the Pound drop several cents against the US$ and similar amounts against other world currencies on Monday. Apart from demonstrating how accrurately we at The Daily Stirrer have predicted the movements of the economy it should have reminded you all the recession is far from over. In fact this is not a recession, it is a fundamental shift in the balance of power from West to East.

One commentator said: I hate to burst your bubble, but if youre looking to the next election to fix things, youre in for a terrible surprise; whoever wins the next election might affect how fast things deteriorate, but the terrible outcome is certain. We could not have put it better ourselves.

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1 March 2010
Britian's Credit Rating Lowered? by John De Roe

The Government is not going to admit it ahead of an election but Guido Fawkes who is seldom wrong on these matters pointed his readers to this story from the Financial Times suggesting that thanks to Gordon Brown's insane and uncontrolled spending Britain's credit rating has alread been lowered from Triple A status. This has little immediate impact on nus as individuals but it does show that far from recovering the Britush economy is sinking deeper into the shit.

We are now right up with the PIIGS in the race to national bankruptcy, still a little behind Greece but ahead of Ireland, Iceland, Portugal and Italy. And we cannot even blame the iniquities of the Single Currency. Labour did it all by themselves.

What it does mean for all of us is the cost of servicing our crippling debts rises as creditor nations demand higher interest on what they see as riskier debt. As the wretchedly incompetent Labour government are already borrowing to pay the interest we owe on what we have already borrowed there is only one possible conclusion. We're up shit creek.

27 February 2010
Dawkins Censors His Critics
by Xavier Conolly

Professor Richard Dawkins, Elder of the One True Church of Atheists has caused a storm among his internet forum fan base, his base fans and all the stuff that hits the fans by announcing that postings on his website will henceforth be tightly moderated. To some extent we sympathise with Dawkins, while his position on religion is bordering on zealotry he is often held responsible for the Nazi tactic employed by some of his supporters who are determined the right of free speech will not be extended to people who dispute their point of view. Follow our link to real the full article...

Dawkins Censors His Critics

26 February 2010 Lib Dems Must Vote Labour - Says Senior Labour MP
by Ed Butt

Labour has played a nasty undemocratic trick in every election for as long as anybody can remember. They spread fear and panic about the misery and hardship Conservative policies will cause and then warn supporters of the Liberal Democrats that by supporting their party of choice, the party that most closely reflects their views, in a democratic election they will let in the evil Conservatives to wreak havoc with everybody's standard of living except that of the wealthy and privileged.

This time the task of spreading this wicked lie on behalf of the party of authoritarian control freakery is that permatanned piece of poo Peter Hain. Yes that's right Hain, the shit who billed the taxpayers for his Sky TV subscription and a tree surgeon to ten his garden and has the nerve to call the Tories money grubbing scumbags.

I will be voting Lib Dem or Green even though in the constituency where I live my vote never means anything. I believe in democracy you see and democracy has nothing to do with being told how to vote by a scummy little creep who while he presents himself as a leftie is well to the right of Margaret Thatcher and every bit as self interested as those African Village Tyrants who shaft the west for billions in aid to feed their starving nations then stash the lot in their own Swiss bank accounts.

The Daily Stirrer would not presume to tell you how to vote. We will remind you however that every time we have had a Labour government, for all their talk of fairness and redistribution of wealth the rich do very well and the poor end up poorer

Think Lib Dem Vote Labour Says Hain Hain's article here is hypocritical arse dribble. The comment thread is great though

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25 February 2010
Getteing Hot Under The Collar About Homeopathy
by Ian R. Thorpe

This will only be a short post on the hot topic of Homeopathy linking to an article by a mainstream media journalist who is asking the same questions as I have about why the science lobby get so heated at the mention of homeopathy. Let me say here though I have never used homeopathic remedies nor do I ever intend to. Although several people of my acquaintance swear by the technique the arguments are not convincing in my view.

Strangely, every time we mention homeopathy on our satirical journal Boggart Blog although it is given the same disrespectful treatment as politics, banking, celebrity culture and any other topic that is in the news, among the comments there will always be a few from people who seem convinced that because the word "homeopathy" or anything related to it does not drive is into a spluttering, spitting rage as we bluster about "unscientific mumbo jumbo" we must be supporters of homeopathy. What makes us suspect there is an agenda being touted by such organised groups is the ferocity of their attacks not only on homeopathic practitioners and users of the medicines but on anybody who expresses even a neutral position on the subject.

This is becoming an attitude we encounter more frequently among member of the "progresive left" and the type of people who preface their comments with phrases like "I'm a scientist," or "if you were a scientist." The Daily Stirrer believes we are all entitled to our opinion. If you like homeopathy and believe it works for you fine, we would love to hear from you but have decided not to invite comments due to the "scrubbing" of the net by cliques promoting an agenda. We would love to hear from people who think there is no validity in the claims of homeopaths too, but for the fact that most of them assume anybody who does not agree with them is an idiot.

We also don't like the way these crypto fascists who like to call themselves liberals will target a blog en masse and try to shout down the individual and idiosyncratic ideas it is expressing.

Homeopathy is neither very big nor in the scheme of things very important. Why does it then excite such passion among the "science is god" faction of the medical and academic community. Unless of course they are trying to divert attention from scandals much more deserving of close public scrutiny.

That then is our position on homeopathy and on free speech. For a well informed, bananced view on the argument about homeopathic treatments on the NHS read: This Homeopathy Row Has Nothing To Do With Placebos by Zoe Williams

Homeopathy Overdose Protest
Swine Flu
MMR vaccine scandal
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Swine Flu Conspiracy

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24 February 2010
Another Domino Falls
by Ed Butt

Prospect Magazine, formerly a supporter of the AGW climate science lobby has managed to get a grip on reality and start questioning the dodginess of the science that has been used to justify plans for a swingeing carbon tax on affluent westerners and a system of global governance.

In Too Hot To Handle the editorial discusses the need to be certain of the facts before we commit to spending $trillions on schemes that are not guaranted to work and often seem more like the fantasies of climate scientists coming down from a bad acid trip than logical and well thought out projects.

We also need to know a lot more about what is going on before we agree to give up our individual freedoms and collective rights and agree to accept orders from a bunch of limp wristed vegan Nazis.

23 February 2010
Climate Change Sceptic Gagged By BBC
by Ed Butt

Tell the lie often enough and it will become true went the dictum of Nazi propaganda chiefs. That was not the only technique Hitler's supporters used for impressing misinformation on the minds of the public. They also silenced dissent and stifled those who would speak out against their odious plans.

We know the BBC is in the hands of supporters of the "progressive" left New Labour authoritarian government but what they have done in dumping UKIP MEP Nigel Farage from the Question Time show being broadcast live this week from Middlesborough is in violation of the BBC charter which requires the state broadcaster to fairly represent all views. Farage hsad intended to speak out about the closure of Britain's last great steelworks at Redcar and the blatant corruption involved in its sale to Indian conglomerate Tata International.

Climate Change - Its Time To Get Angry

Copenhagen Climate Change Corruption
Climate Change Lies
Interesting Times

22 February 2010
Climate Change Indoctrination
by Ed Butt

Have you felt recently that we are being indocrtinated with the message that Climate Change is being caused solely by rising levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and that it is all our fault, us, the punters. We were told the science was "settled" and anthropogenic global warming due to CO2 is a proven scientific fact. Aside from nobody knowing the difference between a scientific fact and an ordinary, everyday fact, the science on the link between CO2 and climate change was never settled, there are many contributing factors but the main one, the one which the Climate Science Thought Police who are a cohort of the Politically Correct Thought Police will never mention is that there are just too many people on the planet.

Raise this issue however, as we have in The Daily Stirrer, and you will immediately be accused by the Climate Change Thought Police of advocating Eugenics. All this proves is these people who like to call themselves scientists and present themselves as much more intelligent that us ordinary mortals do not know what Eugenics means.

The AGW religionists have the support of government and certain big businesses that hope to profit from climate change in their efforts to brrainwash us. Which big businesses? Find out HERE Strangely however it is not the government or the catastrophe capitalists who are footing the bill for a massive PR campaign of indoctrination that employs all the techniques of misinformation, distortion, repetition of lies and threatening messages to get the fearful public bck on message after the recent embarrassments of climategate and the Copenhagen Climate Conference fiasco. Oh no, thanks to the generosity of government it is we, the taxpayers, who are footing the bill for our own indoctrination. Iain Dale's Diary reports on his blog that government funds are being channeled to an organisation with a political agenda and no democratic accountability so they may push back into the public consciousness certain "scintific facts" that have recently been disproved, discredited or shown to be the result of using fradulent data to produce statistics. And read the offending leaflet HERE

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21 February 2010
Big Business The Enemy Of Free Markets
by Ian R Thorpe

The headline on American right leaning newsblog Pajamas Media caught my eye because although Pajamas has some excellent writers and I always enjoy reading well written arguments that oppose my own views (it keeps the brain well honed) a story under that headline must surely be out of step with the usual stance of supporters of the American free market, low tax, small government right.

It seems at Pajamas at least American Conservatism is catching onto the fact that the political position of the giant supra - national conglomerates has more in common with Stalinist Russia than with the UK's Liberal government under Lloyd George or the Labour administration of Atlee. Corporate politics is not so much the Corporate State as the Nation Corporation but the only real difference is where one serves the party elite the other serves the shareholding elite.

What we saw happening in the crazy days before the credit crunch was the world moving towards a system where the Corporations existed outside national boundaries, they were becoming virtual entities, moving funds and business processes around in cyberspace to evade taxation and regulation. Surely, you are thinking, that is the ultimate expression of free markets. Not so. The corporations with the complicity of governments of the right and left with increasingly authoritarian tendencies are determinedly trying to achieve monopolies and if they cannot gain a monopoly to form a cartel so that smaller, more nimble rivals can be crushed and the market carved up between a few big players.

That is not free market economics at all but it is beloved of social democratic parties in Europe and the USA. Britain's "New" Labour government that has ruled for the past twelve years has always been more corporate friendly than even Margaret Thatcher's Conservatives. The Obama administration appears to be managing the nation for the benefit of Goldman Sachs.

More and more I see among writers of the right and left comparisons of modern governments with the Big Brother regime of George Orwell's novel 1984. People who do write of this are dismissed by the politically correct centre as conspiracy theorists. Anybody familiar with the novel cannot fail to have noticed however the many similarities between governments of the so called "Progressive Left" and the secretive and deceitful regime depicted in 1984 with its propaganda and spin, the obsession with surveillance and the use of fear and panic (Swine Flu, Climate Catastrophe, Terrorism and War) to browbeat people into complicity as their civil liberties, rights of free speech and free movement and even the right to self determination are curtailed in the name of security. Pajamas Media are right Big Business is the enemy of free speech just as big government is the enemy of individual freedom. Read the full article Big Business As An Opponent Of Free Markets RELATED POSTS: Change They Can't Believe In
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Interesting Times

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20 February 2010
Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad. It's a phrase politicians would do well to remember, especially politicians in the UK Labour party whose obsession with soicialist ideology and creating a fair society has led to their losing touch with reality...
Read Full Post Those Whom The Gods Would Destroy

18 February 2010
The End Of Anthropogenic Global Warming?

Anthropogenic Global Warming, it was a pseudo scientific phrase that always irritated us. With further revelations of data being manipulated, peer reviews from friendly faces being organised and institutional suppression of dissenting voices almost every day the "consensus" that the "science is settled" is dead in the water.

This does not mean the problem of climatechaos has gone away but at least we may be able to set about dealing with the problem in a practical way instead of wasting time and effort on idiotic schemes like carbon trading which could never solve anything and were created specifically for the puropse of making the rich and powerful even more rich and powerful by throwing taxpayers money at them.

Though provoking article (though we do not entirely agree with it) on The End Of Anthropogenic Global Warming at Wolf Howling.

Climate Change Science Scam
Climate Change Deniers Deny Nothing
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The Inconvenient Truth

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17 February 2010
Is Iran Becoming A Military Dictatorship
by John De Roe

If there is one thing we love doing at the Daily Srirrer it is to predict the news months ahead of when it happens. As U.S. Secretary of Stare Hillary Clinton warns that Iran is on the way to becoming an Islamic Military Dictatorhip we can again say 'told you so,' because we predicted last summer this would be the outcome of Barack Obama's meddling in Iran's domestic affairs.
read article Is Iran Becoming A Military Dictatorship

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16 February 2010
Labour's Orwellian Tendency Out Of The Closet.

In the dying days of Gordon Brown's government labour's "ministry of truth" propaganda managers are becoming more and more desperate to frighten us off voting for anybody else and thus the authoritarian tendencies of The Labour Party are coming furher and further out of the closet...

14 February 2010
Killing History In Our Schools And Universities
by Xavier Connolly

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed if all records told the same talethen the lie passed into history and became truth. Who controls the past, ran the Party slogan, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.George Orwell, 1984?
Yes we are into Orwell and 1984 again. Then news item that has prompted the reference this time is the government's plan to cut funding to history departments. Next year alone funding for the history curriculum will be slashed by almost half a billion, yes billion, pounds.

At the Daily Stirrer we have often highlighted Labour's authoritarian tendency. Just read that quote from 1984 (above) carefully and you see how he attack on history fits into a pattern, "the agenda" you might say. Control information and you control thought, control history however and all the cultural references that support nationhood, bind communities together and form the threads of the national narrative are destroyed. The authoritarian agenda of New Labour comes to resemble Big Brother's regime in Orwell's novel more closely every day.

The government tries to justify this attack on the character, the soul on the British nation, by citing the need to focus our efforts on subjects that will support the economic backbone of the nation in future. These they believe are mathematics, from which very few people have ever made money, and "science" although they are rather coy about which science.

One might argue that few people ever made a fortune from history although vast amounts of money have been made by people like Dan Brown and Mel Gibson from distorting it. Education is not directly about making money however. The purpose of education is to develop children into adults able to take their place in society and become valuable and valued members. There is a little more depth to a quality education than a sackful of diplomas and certificates.

One of the things that stacks up against history in the agenda of the "Progressive Liberals" and their nasty, illiberal agenda is that one of the lessons we ignore at our peril is multiculturalism does not work. Multiculturalism than the politically correct ideology that spawned it are the root cause of the social and economic catastrophe facing the old industrial nations now. These ludicrous ideals dreamed up by Californian stoners in the 1960s have no more to do with reality than the fantasies of Lewis Carrol.

I have spoken at times to my eldest grandchild of school history having been appalled by the politically correct claptrap that informs some of his comments. What appears to be taught in school as British history seems to focus on Africa and the slave trade, painting our nation as the Great Satan that sought to enslave a continent. And of domestic history there seems to be a great deal on the oppression of women and hardly a mention of great British achievements in engineering, navigation, agriculture, textiles, medicine and a hundred other fields.

We have to put a stop to this indoctrination by a small, unrepresentative, undemocratic faction of the political left who have hijacked the Labour party and public services and infiltrated the Liberal Democrats. Teach the facts and let young people make up their minds about the politics later in their lives. It is true that in the past women were treated badly but we should also mention that in the brutal and brutish past men were treated badly too. It is true that slavery was a terrible thing but a crime against humanity perpetrated solely by the British on Africans? Nonsense. Slaves were one of the first commodities traded by primitive tribes, the economic systems of all early civilisations were founded on slavery. And had the African traders not offered slaves to European merchant mariners in exchange for luxury goods no slave trade would have been possible. Instead of being taught to flagellate themselves with guilt about slavery our young people should learn to be proud of the fact that we were the first to abandon the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Britain has much to be ashamed of in it's past, from King Edward 1's persection of Jews, through Henry VIII's reign of terror, and Elizabeth I's suppression of dissent which set neighbout to spy on neighbour, the horrors of the Civil War right to the present day marginalisation of the working class. Let us not forget though there is much more of which we may be proud.

From the perspective of today things may look bad but that is why we must teach history properly, objectively and without its being tainted by political agendas.

The Other Slaves: Part 1
The Other Slaves: Part 2
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13 February 2010
Keep Your Blair's Or Caligulas
recommended by Xavier Connelly
Marina Hyde on the weakness of strong government and why a hung parliament in which the vacillating, equivocating Nick Clegg holds the balance odf power might serve us better that the sociall and economically disastrous "strong government" made possible by the supermajorities Blair and Thatcher were granted.

12 February 2010
Robin Hood Tax - Global Tax On Banks
by Ian R. Thorpe
Gordon Brown has been busy all week telling everybody who would listen there was "growing universal support' for Barack Obama's idiotic, ineffectual and unworkable proposal for a levy on financial transactions to tax the banks and curb their profligacy as well as stopping them gambling on dodgy investment vehicles with depositors money.

We all despise bankers, we all want to stick it to them for the misery cause by their irresponsibility and greed but few are deluded enough to think that a tax imposed in the USA and among those leaders who remain convinced Obama is a god come to earth cannot succeed. Without the support of the Chinese nothing can succeed.

The problem with Obama, and at first it was a joke but now it is becoming a more serious problem every day, is that he thinks he is President of the World. Those dwindling few who believe this, "the progressive left" as they like to style themselves are the kind of nasty little neo Nazis who would like to and have talked of making a criminal offence of disagreeing with them. This is fine in nations ruled by tyrants but listen to the outraged howls of the "progressive left" when anybody points out that to make climate change denial a crime would be to establish a tyranny.

"We can't be tyrants," they wail, "we're socialists." Yeah so was Stalin. And Hitler as it happens.

Before Sidi Obama has chance to impose his solipsistic agenda on the world, before Gordon Brown, whose mismanagement of the UK economy over the past twelve years, lectures us on the need to support him in implementing some kind of Orwellian Big Brother regime before we can rebuild our nation, before dissent is outlawed and to prevent those things happening we must all take on board these words from Dean William Inge I came across on the excellent Wolf Howling blog.

It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.
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11 February 2010
PIIGS Could Put Us In The Shit
by Ed Butt

European leaders are touting around for punters to help bail out the bankrupt Euro nations. But Britain is already exposed to quater of a trillion in PIIGS debt (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain)
The Daily Stirrer will be picking up on this when we have more news on the bailout proposed today.

10 February 2010
Branson Warns Of Energy Crisis Bigger Than The Debt Crisis and Rampant Inflation To Come
by John De Roe

Sir Richard Branson is the most prominent voice among a bunch of businessmen warning we face an increase in energy prices that will make the problems of the credit crunch look like a blip on the radar.. The Industry Task force for Peak Oil and Energy Security is predicting a sustained rise in the oil price to more than $100 within five years.

Five years, what planet do they live on?

Over the past year the value of Sterling and the US$ have fallen 25% in real terms, that is against gold and commodities. So far the Euro has fared better but is now struggling because of the sovereign debt crises in Eurozone economies including Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

That disastrous collapse in the main western currencies will start to filter through to the sometime very soon. Expect not just the price of the fuel your car runs on or you use to heat your home to rise. As the cost of raw materials rises so will the cost of good produced in the west. Food prices are already inflating at an alarming rate and the debt driven western economies will surely be hit by rising interest rates later this year.

When governments were talking of their economies coming out of recession remember The Daily Stirrer was warning of a prolonged slump as the idiotic ideals of the "progressive left" agenda of internationalism and multi-culturalism made us fall guys for China, Russia and the Arab oil states.

If you want to know the truth follow The Daily Stirrer. If you want to live in cloud cuckoo land with Gordon Brown, Barack Obama, Sarko and all the ther pseudo intellectual fuckwit advocates of globalisation follow the sheep.

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9 February 2010
Mad Jad To Punch The West

by Ed Butt

This Thursday, the 11th February ins the 31sy anniverasry on the Iranial revolution that deposed Shah Reza and installed the Islamic theocracy that has ruled the nation since. To commemorate the occasion Iran's current supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini has announced Iran will "deliver a punch that will stun the world."

Now this is most likely an example of the hyperbolic rhetoric favoured by the leaders of middle eastern nations. What else could it be? An attack on Israel? Unlikely as the Israelis are more havily armed and better prepared.

A concerted attempt to drive down the value of the USA dollar by selling bonds in the world markets? The Muslim nations would need the support of China and Japan for that so it is at worst a remote possibility.

A blockade of shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz through which a third on the world's oil passes on its way to the industrial centres of the east and west? A possibility because it is one of the few actions Iran could take unilaterally but the Saudis on the other side of the Strait, though a smller nation in terms of population are immensely wealthy and have a modern, well equippied military.

A terrorist attack in the West by Iranian sponsored terrorists. Even the Iranian leadership, as collectively insane as they are, would hardly telegraph that. A terrorsts chief weapon is surprise and fear...a terrorists two chief weapons are surprise, fear and - ah, The Daily Stirrer deals in serious news and comment, not Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition sketch.

So wat might be this "punch that will stun world powers? We reckon Iran's secular leader, the diminutive bruiser Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is going to challenge the putative "leader of the free world" Barack Obama, tall but limp wristed to a cage fight.

Now that would be worth seeing.

Read more about the Iran anniversaty plan to punch the western powers in the nose at Breitbart.

8 February 2010
Has Labour Politicized The Civil Service?
by Xavier Conolly

An article written by senior Conservative Francis Maude and published by several sources today accuses the Labour government of having politicized the Civil Service. One is tempted to respond "He would say that wouldn't he?" and there is little reason to suspect The Conservatives would behave any differently in a similar position.

There is one memorable point made by Maude however as he excoriates this abysmal government. Attacking the way in which official Government websites have been hijacked to serve the Labour agenda he has this to say:

This week we uncovered another example of this type of exploitation, with Labour hijacking the government's "Backing Young Britain" brand and using it as a recruitment tool on its website, accompanied by the phrase "Only Labour believes every young person deserves the opportunity to a fair chance in life".

Not only do we see the mendacity of Labour and their determination to subjugate everything to "the project" which we can only assume is Orwellian Newspeak for the creation of a Big Brother style regime in which even the most minute aspects of each individuals private life is not free from government control, but we are shown how far removed the Labour leadership is from anything that could be described as reality.

Labour claims they believe every child deserves the opportunity of a fair chance in life but their policies in education have ensured only those children whose parents can afford either to privately educated them or to live in the expensive suburbs that form the catchment areas of high performing state schools have any hope of getting a fair chance in life.

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7 Feb 2010
Liberal Democrats Heading For Apocalypse?
by Ed Butt

As we have said before we old gits who write The Daily Stirrer are all former members of The Liberal Party and thus our political sympathies tend to lie with the Liberal Democrats although we have all remained very suspicious of the party's often slavish attachment to the Politically Correct Thought Police ideology of New Labour.

In the past few days Ian has been involved in a discussion at the semi - official Liberal Democrat website Liberal Democrat Voice. One of the bloggers at Lib Dem Voice posted an article attacking Tory Shadow Cabinet Member Chris Grayling for misrepresenting theLabour Government's's fraudulent denial that violent crime has increased. The blogger argued that the conservative interpretation was dishones as the way violent crimes are counted was changed some years ago.

Ian's argument was simply that there is nothing to be gained in whining about Tory dishonesty when the real issue of the election is Labour dishonesty in the way they have used oficial statistics to misrepresent the stae of the economy, crime, unemployment, education, health and everything else. The guy arguing with Ian, someone called John Cartmell seems to think we should all believe all government statistics.

Ian, along with everyone else who lives in the real world believes no one should believe any official statistics ever. One thing is for sure, if Liberal Democrats when canvassing in the election campaign respond to voters concerns about the way the police and government have abandoned the sreets to criminal and anto social elements by quoting "official statistics" claiming crime has fallen the Lib Dems are heading for electoral oblivion.

READ the article and comment thread at Lib Dem Voice - Shadow Home Secretary Out To Damage Trust In Official Statistics

We're all goingb to die, WTF?
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Now Mainstream Media Turns On Obama
We at The Daily Stirrer have ranted about the real deficit as opposed to the official decicit in the UK. Labour's incompetence and mismanagement has dug us into a sovereigh debt hole we may not ever be able to get out of.
Other nastions are no better off. Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland in the Euroone are all in danger of defaulting on debt interest payments while in the USA even the until recently Obama - worshipping mainstream media are turning on the political novice President and demanding he tell the truth on how America's deficit has exploded in the year since his inauguration.

Read more in Newsweek; Time For Obama To Tell The Truth

6 Feb 2010
Real Unemplyment Rate
by Citizen Wells

We have written about the duplicitous way the British Government presents unemployment figures, flip - flopping between talking of number of new claimants, number od people claiming jobseekers allowance and the number of new job starts, whicever figure best suits their purpose.

In reality the number of unemployed people is much higher than statisytics will ever show. The situation is very similar in America.

Here Citizen Wells, an implacable pursuer of politicians of all shades who is tireles tracking dow their misdemeanours, hypocrisies and lies, exposes the duplicity embedded in the way U.S. employment figures are presented to conceal the truth of how broken the economy is.

Real Unemployment Rate - More Jobs Lost

As the Daily Stirrer said in a recent comment article, we are heading for a Jobless Economy. Question is, how will we earn our living?

Jobless Economy

5 February 2010
Scientists Are Fallible
recommended by Ed Butt

We get a bit fed up at times of commenting on the latest idiocies of the Science - as - God brigade. Their assumptions of intellectual and moral superiority, their glib assumption that anybody who is not "a scientist" cannot possibly understand this thing called science and their haughty dismissal of reasonable questioning and healthy scepticism has stirred up a lot of opposition.

The Guardian newspaper has become one of the bastions of Science-is-Godism so it is good to see one of the paper's senior journalists taking much the same stance as The Daily Stirrer in advising scientists to climb down from their ivory towers, stop pretending they are infallible and be prepared, when faced with well thought out challenges to admit that while they may not be totally wrong they are seldom absolutely right.

Science thrives in the controlled conditions of the laboratory. Real life has this irritating way of being unscientific.

Scientists, You Are Fallible by Simon Jenkins

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4 February 2010
Labour's Minimum Wage Scam
by Ian R. Thorpe

When you hear of a Conservative politician praising Labour for creating a 'flexible job market' that benefits British employers it does not ring true. What Lord Freud was really praising the government for was letting bosses screw their workers by turning a full time job into a part time job. Not the sort of jobs policy you expect from Labour but we're always said they are more Tory than the Tories...
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Change: Politicians Don't Get It
Interesting Times
The Jobless Economy
Magic Money
3 February 2010
Authoritarian Box Ticking Culture.
by Ian R. Thorpe
Among the things that have alienated people from the Labour party apart from generakl incompetence, is their arrogant and patronising conviction the public are resady to believe anything the government tells them so long as it is dressed up in statistics and delivered by some fresh faced, smooth talking Labour spinmeister. It is very like the authoritarian regime of Orwell's 1984

2 February 2010
Evangelical Christianity Crucified
Ian R. Thorpe

The Obama effect on American society seems to be the opposite of what was hoped for. Religious fundamentalism, particularly Evangelical Christianity seems to have more influence than ever while Obama's failure as a politician as well as his having proved a Messiah with feet of clay has divided American society more deeply than ever. We have challenged Obama's policy and American hegemony before, here Ian Thorpe challenges Evangelical Christians...

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1 February 2010
Beware Of Bonds
by John De Roe

Remember the heady days of Maggie Thatcher's great deregulation and denationalisation when she was destroying indistries right left and centre and her government and friends in industry and The City were telling us all we could make a good living by speculating in the shares of newly privatized national assets? Most people who were taken in lost a packet, my own losses were modest but painful enough.

Well Labour, the most capitalist - friendly government we have ever hasd is getting in non the act. Being a bigger bunch of crooks and liars than even Thatcher's Tories Labour is offering us a worse deal. They want us all to invest our savings in bonds, in otherwords to invest in government debt.

There is more to dealing in stocks and shares than meets they eye which is why the novices lost and the money all went to the bankers and brokers in the 1970s. But shares are simple compared to the complexity of bonds. Learn more of the pitfalls and the devil in the detail here

31 January 2010
Change You Can't Believe In
by James Dahlberg

Guest blogger James does not have his own blog but like Ian T. was recently thrown off a big, pretentious U.S. newsblog after posting a long comment challenging claims made for a dodgy health product. It seems the blog owners do not agree with James and Ian that product placement has no place in what is presented as factual reporting James is on another topic here however. For his first contribution to The Daily Stirrer he looks at how the popularity of Barack Obama, the Yes We Can" man has collapsed from the record levels seen right after his inauguration as President to the latest polls that make him the most unpopular president ever after a year in office. The economy, unemployment, the disatrous health reform bill and weakness on foreign polcy have played a big part but how much is due to the failings of man himself... read all Change You Can't Believe In by James Dahlberg

30 January 2010
Homeopathy: Massive Overdose Protest
by Ian R Thorpe
The Daily Stirrer team finds that mere mention of the word "homeopathy" will send the science-is-god fellowship into a spluttering, incoherent, apoplectic rage. At risk of bringing the wrath of the evangelical scientists upon us then:


The reasons for that apparently redundant repetition will become apparent.

My own view is that I have never tried homeopathic remedies and do not intend to. What pisses me off about the homeophobics is that one cannot simply say "know bugger all about it, if people think it works for them well, it's their life." A homeophobic cannot leave it at that, they will not let you be neutrally uninterested, of no. They have to try to bully you into agreeing with them.

"But the stuff is diluted so much blah blah," they scream. Yeah, am I bovvered, I don't use it.

"But its unscientific." Yeah, so what. The flight of bees is unscientific but I'm not going to stop eating honey.

Many people believe homeopathic remedies have cured long standing complaints in the way I believe a couple of glasses of red wine protects me against swine flu, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and The Dreaded Lurgi in a way that no vaccine or drug ever could. The science-is-god faction cannot just accept these are opinions, they are determined to allow anybody to think anything that is not scientific. They have to start ranting about how there is no scientific evidence to support claims that homeopathy works (which apparently proves it does not work) and that an excess of alcohol can result in many serious health problems later in life.

Their favourite tactic when faced with demonstrations that somebody has suddenly showed a gobsmacking lack of symptoms shortly after taking a homeopathic remedy is pure coincidence.

Like all fringe religious cults the science is religion cult attracts a lot of nutters who would probably make great homeopaths if they could overcome their prejudices.

There are probably many such nutters in the Merseyside Sceptics Society (which should be named the Merseyside Selective Sceptics Society) who today will be indulging their OCD - like need to go on about how unscientific homeopathy is by getting together outside Boots Chemist in Liverpool and staging a mass overdose protest against the chain store selling homeopathic remedies. Protesters claim they will eat who bottles of homeopathic pills to show the medications are not effective. Similar protests are taking place around the world.

Do you spot the failure of logic here. There are many conventional treatments a small does of which will cure but which can be eaten in larger quantities without harm resulting. So isn't the protest as unscientific as the protesters say homeopathy is? Oh well religious cults, even the science-is-god cult have never been big on that common sense kind of logic.

What would really be a wonderful coincidence is if one or two of the protesters dies of strokes or heart attacks after eating their massive protest overdose of pills.

29 January
Unemployment Fraud
by John De Roe

Apologies to any regular readers, if we have any that is, for our continued erratic performance. Ian Thorpe is the only one of us old geezers who write the stirrer who really knows how to use the internet. As he has needed to spend a lot of time on family matters there has been nobody to post. Today Ian left me logged in to the Stirrer's source file (he's a very brave man) so I can get some posts online.

Our first returns to a theme we reported on a few days ago, the prospect of a jobless economy. We noted how government claims to have defated rising unemplyment are based not on less people actually being unemployed but on fewer new claimants being added to the register than in the previous period. There are no signs of recovery in the economy, just statistical jiggery pokery. Do not be tricked into believing the government have succeeded in anything, they have merely changed the way they present failure.

There used to be a sayng; The devil is in the detail. Perhaps in view of the government's love of quoting skewed figures we should say Satan is in the statistics.

27 January 2010
We're Back

Sorry for the absence regular readers, we have been experiencing server problems.

23 January 2010
Protest Photography
by Ian R. Thorpe

Bit late with this I know, but it is worth a mention. Photographers were planning to gather in Trafalgar Squsare today to take pictures of public buildings, coppers, traffic wardens, buses and all the other stupid stuff the anti terror laws now forbid us to take pictures of.

I could not make it to Trafalgar Square but I staged my own protest. I stood on the local railway station and took photis of passing trains which is illegal, took more photos of the bus station (also illegal), a photo of coppers haging around looking bored near the football ground (very very illegal, a photo of the tax office (quite illegal) and the local magistraes court (more than illegal - a blatant act of terror). We know the Labour government is totally paranoid but is there not something more sinister going on here? While they are forbidding us to take photos of everything they have covered the nation in CCTV cameras to take photographs and video us us and are now talking of using military drones of the type used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to motinor towns and countryside. "It is to help security foorces protect the public," those responsible for the idea say. We say it sounds like another step on the road to authoritarianism. If they are worried we might be attacked why not just let us buy and keep guns. When it comes to shooting the evil bastard and protecting my family rather than vice versa, I'd back my judgement over that of some panic stricken, paranoid - schizoid copper any day.

Taking Protest Photos News of an unusual protest when people will gather to take photographs in public. This one is worth supporting.

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22 January 2010
Jobless Total Falls By 7000, Government Hails Recovery? They're Having A Laugh
by Ed Butt

Don't you think these New Labour apparachiks who write for the Guardian should be shipped off to a special rehab centre for people who have totally lost touch with reality? Yesterday we had an article claiming the 7000 fall in the unemployed (out of 2.5 million claimants) is not being recognised as a success for the government in their fight to turn the economy round and lead us out of recession. Of course it isn't, apart from the fact 7000 out of 2.5million (0.35%) is trvial we all know it was achieved by statistical jiggery pokery rather that growth in real jobs.Jobless Fall Does Not Benefit Labour.
No wonder The Guardian, now the house magazine of the Politically Correct Thought Police is going down the pan faster than a dollop of Domestos. Do these pretentious fuckers really delude themselves into believing we are all so stupid we can be taken in by this government of crooks and liars?

One of the reasons people give for buying The Guardian was always its unbiased reporting and the seperation of reportage and opinion / comment. Now all you get is a long line of patronising, rich, guilt tripped middle class bastards telling you how great Labour are and what a great job they have done on the economy, education, health and public services. All of which Labour have failed so comprehensively on the nation is now teetering on the edge of the abyss.

The one area where Labour have succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams, the one area they have outdone all other modern governments at is war. Not only have Labour got us into more wars than any other modern administration, they have managed to keep two of those wars going, thus feeding biions of punds to greedy American armaments manufacturers and creating a few job vacancies by getting young able bodied men and women killed or mained.

The Guardian is not only losing money, its charge to the left has made it a laughing stock among its target audience. The editors may think making people laugh is a way to recover lost sales. We think if people want to pay good money for a laugh they will buy Viz.

21 January 2010
The Obama Agenda After Massachusetts
by Ian R. Thorpe

Shockwaves are still reverbrating through the American political system after the shock defeat of Democratic Candidate Martha Croakley by unknown Republican Scott Brown, a former Cosmopolitan centreold. The Democrats expected to coast home in the most strongly Democratic state of the USA. Now political pundits are suggesting voters are turning their backs on Obama as, after all the grandiose rhetoric he has failed to get to grips with domestic problems, embarrassed his country abroad and showed a total lack of leadership on all issues.

To the sceptical the Obama Agenda always semed to be based on nothing more substantual than a belief that if everybody would join hands and sing Kumbaya the world would be perfect for evermore.

The Obama Agenda? From my side of the Atlantic, which is a long way off the action I know, it always looked as if the only agenda was to promote the Obama celebrity brand. This has never been more apparent than in the healthcare debate where the important thing was not to benefit Americans, not even those Americans who put Obama in The White House, but to get a bill, any bill, passed in order to be the President who reformed the health system. Really Barry and Michelle are little different to David and Victoria Beckham ... except Dave's six pack and Victoria's snake hips are no the result of airbrushing. Read what Roger Kimball of Pajamas Media has to ay about The Obama Agenda in the wake of a defeat in the safest of all Democrat Senate seats, that formerly held by Teddy Kennedy

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20 January 2010
Fruit And Nut Dairylea?
by Ian R Thorpe

Tory Radio, commenting on the objections to the takeover of chocolate company Cadbury by American cheese into plastic food processor Kraft complained at the nationalistic nature of the criticism. The Daily Stirrer begs to differ.

Objections are not nationalistic but business based. If Cadbury had been trying to take over hershey or Kraft they would have faced all sorts of legal and protectionist obstacles.

Whatever President, be it Obama, Bush, Clinton or Reagan, has spoken of globalisation they do not include America in the "opening of domestic markets to foreign competition" bit.

So why should we always be willing to wave goodby to British jobs and see British profits expatriated. I though this was Tory radio, your comments sound like socialist internationalism.

On a less serious note, we at Boggart Blog are not looking forward to Willie Wonka - Kraft treating us to Fruit and Nut Dairylea.

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20 January 2010
Americans Give Up Looking For Jobs
Xavier Connolly

New figures out today underline what the Daily Stirrer has been saying since we came online almost a year ago about the true and truly dire state of the American economy. The report shows that millions of well educated, well qualified people with good experience and a solid career record are simply giving up looking for jobs.

America's economic downturn, like that of Britain started a long time ago. In the 1980s there was an abandonment of industry and agriculture in favour of candy floss industries like financial services, people becoming self employed by setting up service businesses specialising in ironing shirts, the digital economy in which candy floss businesses traded with candy floss money and a host of other ventures that had little or no substance.

In the 1980s real unemployment went off the scale of course. Older workers who would have expected to work to age 65 were effectively put out to grass at 55 as the Thatcher government, mistakenly believed by many still to have changed Britain for the better but in reality the most centralising and financially profligate government ever, encouraged doctors to diagnose perfectly able people are long term incapacitated by minor illness and put them on disability benefits.

It was a stupendously expensive way to massage the unemployment figures and also took a vast pool of skills backed by experience out of the labour market. Thatcher's insane obsession with destroying the working class not only dismantled the industrial base but the skills pool too. Now we have to import skilled workers from Eastern Europe and the east while British workers man banks of phones, cold calling unreceptive members of the public and trying to sell them insurance or double glazing.

And even the non - jobs in call centers are being exported buy a Labour government that is more Thatcherite than Thatcher.

At the same time unemployment statistics are being massaged at the other end by driving more and more school leavers into higher education with the promise that a University Degree will lead to a better job. Young people have no option but to believe this because there are so few openings for them. How many degree holders does a society need though. Ten per cent? Fifteen percent? We do not need fifty percent of people entering the job market to hold degrees, there is simply not enough work available at that level.

Dishonest politicians like Blair and Brown can talk of "the knowledge economy" but in reality when knowledge is so easily available as it has become it has little commercial value. One does not need a University degree to work as a mechanic, cook, building tradesman or a nurse. These are hands on jobs where experience and practical training are more important than academic learning. The only point of pushing school leavers through higher and further education is to keep them off the employment statistics for up to five years.

In the end of course throughout the English speaking world, because this problem does seem to be concentrated in nations with a predominantly Anglo - Saxon culture all our leaders are doing is putting off the problems for another day and another government. They are financing this procrastination with borrowed money however. That is another problem being stored up for the future that we have warned of time and again in the pages of The Daily Stirrer.

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19 January 2009
Change: When Will Politicians Get It?
In R. Thorpe

As the Labour party tries to get itsef back together after the putative coup organised by Geoff Hoon and Jaqui Smith with the aim of replacing Gordon Brown as leader before the Generl Election which is only weeks away, many people from all wings of the party are stepping forward to offer the Prime Minister advice on how he may rise above the expenses debacle, the financial crisis and the failing Afghan operation to turn aroud Labour's seemingly dire prospects.

One theme is common to all this advice. Labour must offer the voters "Change". The Conservatives are talking about change too in spite of their organisation having a name that suggests change is low on their agenda. So when will politicians get it? People are sick of change, they want stability and a.....

Read artlce Change: Why Don't Politicians Get It.

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16 January 2010
The War On Entertainment
by Ed Butt

Liberal Democrate Culture, Media and Sport spokesman Tim Clement Jones says Live Music Must Not Be Silenced Mr. Clement Jones is introducing a bill into Parliament that, in the unlikely event of its succeeding in becoming law would reverse some of the draconian measures in previous government licencing law reform that places prohibitive restrictions on small venues whihing to offer live entertainment. These laws, he claims, are preventing new performers and musicians from gaining the experience on which they can build a career.

For all Labour's hypocritical posturing on the binge drinking culture we should remember it was they who changed licensing laws in favour of 24 hour drinking which only made the lives of pub landlords harder but did a big favour for the profits of the Coporate Interests that owned pub chgains and drinks manufacturers.

At the same time the Labour regime tightened up regulations on live music and entertainment venues. Well their corporate paymasters did not want anything to distract the binge drinkers from spending money on booze did they?

15 January 2010
Madness Of Taxing Jobs
Old Tory carthorse Norman Tebbit (who looks disturbingly like a Scooby Doo villain these days, launches a scathing attack on Labour employment policies that ensure people moving out of unmployment to low paid jobs will be little better (and often worse) off than they are on benefits. What a pity he did not have such a social conscience when in all The Madness Of Taxing Jobs at the Daily Telegraph 14 January 2010
This Is Getting Silly

Once again we are too busy to bring you a Daily Stirrer report today. All of us are old gits but able in different ways to offer help to those less fortunate. After another heavy snowfall overnight Xav has been buzzing aroud in his Suzuki Jeep helping social services, John has been on foot delivering essential supplies to old and diabled people who can't get out in the snow and Ian has been at the CAB advising people on how to get help with the enormous heating bills that are landing behind their front doors.

Weather forecasers predict more snow and freezing temperatures are on the way in the next two weeks. Given the recent track record of weather forecasting though, this means we will probably get sub tropical temperatues and blazing sunshine. Remember last year's BBQ summer or the "warmest winter ever" that was promised us back in the autumn.

Does anyone out there still believe in climate change science. If you do, can we remind you The Daily Stirrer has always said it was a scam

13 January 2010
Economic Rebound
John De Roe

As the nation waits for the next blast of arctic weather and the next bombshell of economic bad news (likely to be about unemployments rising again or inflation starting to set in as it must now the government can no longer afford to buy in its own bonds in order to maintain the value of the pound) we find that not only do we have a gang of loony scientists bending our ear about how this will end up being the warmest winter on record, but the other profession for which being completely and utterly stark raving bonkers in the head, the Economists, are starting to work themselves about the rebound of the economy.

What has kicked off this line of academic fantasising is that the figures for the final quarter of 2009 will probably show a very marginal increase over the third quarter. Don't you just love their arrogant assumption that we are all stupid and these self styled experts can pull the wool over our eyes whenever they please? After falling for nine consecutive quarters the economy will show a slight rise above its low point thanks to the billions the government has created and pumped into the economy. A rational person might be forgiven for thinking that we do not resume economic growth until things have returned to where we were before everything started to fall apart.

The economy is not rebounding. It cannot rebound because we have so little industry left to lead us back into growth. Printing money and creating jobs in public services then encouraging people to take on bigger mortgages and run up more debt in an attempt to kickstart the housing market and reinflate the consumer spending bubble is economic suicide. What will happen to those people now being tempted back into the housing market because with mortgage rates so low they are fooled into thinking they can afford to buy properties that will ruin them once mortgage interest returns to a more normal rate.

What will happen to those people already hamstrung by debt once a rise in mortgage repayments ends the brief respite they have had from the soul destroying cycle of long working hours (often in more than one job) and budgeting worries?

Not so, according to a member of the Monetary Policy Committee we are so well placed to bounce back that soon The Bank of England will have to think about raising interest rates from the current near zero to something more sensible to check runaway growth. This is the loonytoons economics version of telling us the policy of printing money has failed and the government can no longer afford to hand out interest free loans and then borrow back the money at commercial interest rates to fund its monthly public spending deficit.

Gordon Brown's hapless government claimed to have put an end to boom and bust economics. In a way they did, replacing it with roller coaster economics in which the economy soared, crashed, soared and crashed again within a decade. The normal boom and bust cycle had been fifteen years. Now, alas, the roller coaster has run out of track and you see the truth of our lonytoons economics analogy. Like Wile E. Coyote when he runs over a cliff, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and the rest of the Labour gang have not realised there is no longer anything solid beneath them and are still running furiously. At any moment they will begin to plunge into a deep, deep hole.

Unfortunately they will be taking all of us with them.

11 January 2010
This Will Be The Warmest Winter Ever Say Climate Scientists
With the winter half over and shaping up to be the coldest for seventy years at least climate scientists, with typical near-autistic detachment from reality are still insisting it will be the warmest winter ever. You have to admire one thing about them, they never give up...

10 January 2010
The Jobless Society
by Xavier Connolly

So how does a nation pay its way when it makes nothing to export, has no services to sell that other nations cannot provide more efficiently for themselves and must import much of its food and most of its fuel?

That is the sorry state Britain is in, and though it should not be a comfort to anybody America is not much better placed to cope as recession turns into slump. Where Margaret Thatcher who contrary to legend was the most centralising, most financially profligate Prime Minister we have ever had in Britain declared war on the working class by declaring war on the working class by deliberately destroying the industries of our economic base that provided the well paid, skilled and semi skilled work that sustained communities and ... read all A Jobless Economy

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7 January 2010
The Great Vitamin D Deficiency Scandal
As the case that climate change science was settled lies in ruins with several senior scientists facing criminal charges for lying and doctoring data another "science is settled" scam has been exposed and the fraudulent industry that grew around it is about to fall apart.

The Daily Stirrer and before The Stirrer, Little Nicky Machiavelli have alwats said to get to the truth all anyone needs to do is follow the money. Well we followed the money on climate change and were among the first to expose the links between the senior climate scientists pushing for carbon trading policies and carbon capture technologies and the corporations that stood to make the greatest profits were such things to become reality.

So what about Vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin D is essential for health and wellbeing but is produced naturally in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. In recent years the healthcare branch of the fear and panic industry had hyped the link between sunlight and skin cancer so much people are afraid to go out without slathering themselves in Factor five million sunscreen even on cloudy days.

Now as the "scientific" case that exposure to relatively low levels of sunlght causes skin cancer starts to unravel with new independent surveys showing dangerous Vitamin D deficiencies in a majority of Americans and many Europeans once again we we quote Cicero and say "Cui Bono?" Who stood to benefit. Who stood to gain so much from sales of sun protection products they were prepared to pump lavish funding into research projects that unanimously proved very little sun on a person's skin would turn that unfortunate person into a walking tumor. Follow the money all the way home and odds on you will land at the doors of corporations that manufactoure vaccines or create GM seedcrops or sell overpriced drugs that have monstrous side effects.

5 January 2010
Climate Change Fear And Panic.
by Ed Butt

In the wake of three reports that state the "scientific" evidence for climate change has been overstated (as against one that says the scientists have been too cautious in making up the numbers they fed into their mathematical models) the government has gone into fear and panic hyperdrive to try to save what is left of its reputation and any chance of the Copenhagen summit not being dismissed by ordinary punters as another excuse for the flying pigs of global politics to get their snouts in another trough (these pigs only fly on account of their having a 747 each to haul their bloated bodies into the sky you undertand) one of the UK's "leading climate change science experts" LOL has announced that if the Copenhagen summit fails to produce a deal to impose a global governance system produce a deal to control carbon emissions by taxing the arses of us ordinary punters agreeing a binding treaty to commit nations to their pledges to cut emissions, 95% of the world's population may die.

How big a "may" is that? Let's put it this way, I'd rather bet my life on Portsmouth winning the Premier League this season.

But as the "climate change science" (the bit they don't like to talk about) shows the arctic permafrost is melting which means the millenia old warming cycle is irreversible who is this clever scientists going to do? Spread factor 50 over the earth's surface so it cannot absorb any sunlght?

And finally Lord Monckton, a climate change scientist who has always questioned the mainstream view and who revealed that a proposal to impose global governance was on the agenda at Copenhagen here defends himself against accusations that he is a right wing conspiracy theorist. He demonstrates that the words global governance appear several times in the agenda for the climate summit by reproducing the relevant paragraphs.
After Copenhagen

4 January 2010
Now It's Global Cooling Science

One of the reasons I cancelled my order for the Guardian was the constant insistence that "the science is settled" on global warming. Now the science has been unsettled by allegations of corruption and a decade of cooling the Guardian;s tame scientists are wriggling like worms on a hook...
AGW Scienece Is Behind The Cold Weather

Things Are Getting Weirder On Planet Guardian.
It is three weeks since the Daily Stirrer editor cancelled his subscription to the Guardian newspaper. The paper, once famed for its independence and unbiased reporting has recently fallen into the trap of mixing opinion and comment with factual news. This is most noticable in reporting politics or science and technology....
Things Are Getting Weirder On Planet Guardian.

3 January 2010
Interesting Times: The Economic Crisis In 2010?
by Ian R Thorpe
KEYWORDS: Economic, global, finance, financial, euro, EU, Europe, European, Greece, Eurozone, Single Currency, Britain, USA, Obama, dollar, China, American

Which way will the economic crisis go in 2010? Cracks are apearing in the Europen Single Currency scheme and China which has massive holdings of US treasury bonds is making unhappy noises about the dececits being run up by the Obama administration as they pursue loonytoons economic policies. Read full article 2 January 2010
Climate Change Religionists Keep Fighting
The Daily Stirrer has often accused the Politically Correct Thought Police of trying to turn science into a religion. One of the areas they targeted was climate change with Britain's Labour Government and The Obama Administration in America both talking of making "climate change denial" a crime in the way holocaust denial is a crime. Follow the link for yet another example of how the Thought Police are trying to indoctinate the young with their bogus and discredited science.
Climate Change Religionists Keep Fighting

I January 2010
Just Say Grace. by Esther S.
Have you ever noticed how whenever bureaucracy and politically correct thinking combine in an effort to be fair to somebody they usually end up being unfait to everybody? Or how when the dark forces of bureaucracy meddle in matters of justice guilt usually seems to be apportioned before the evidence is considered. Those perceived to be disadvantaged by youth, race or sexuality so ofen are presumed to have moral right on their side. Amongst oor other causes The Daily Stirrer is dedicated to highlighting the idiocies of poltically ncorrrect thinking in public services. Today we welcome a guest writer, Esther S. from Texas tells us of a situation in her own family in which politically correct policies and a refusal to considere real evidence have combined to create an injustice. The Grace whose name appears in the title is no angel but she is not a child abuser and even if she the link to read full article by Esther S.

Just Say Grace

27 December 2009
Copenhangover: How Much Aid Does Africa Want?
Ed Butt

In the build up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit we heard a lot of political huffandpuffery about how nations were coming together to save the planet. The various groups of nations had their own agendas of course, the west planned to ensure nothing was a greed that would impact on western lifestyles, the rising powers of Asia and the Indian sub-continent wanted to ensure no binding agreements would curtail their economic developments and the Association of African Tyrants were only interested in how much they could get in aid from the west, none of which would be spent on fighting the consequences of climate change unless stuffing the Swiss bank accounts of dictators.

Should we let our tax and spend governments guilt trip us into committing vast sums in foreign aid to the dysfunctional continent just so President's and Prime Ministers can suck up to Barack Obama? The era of American dominance is over and Obama is not going to be President very long. So what difference has all the aid monry pumped into africa in the past 50 years made and why do we think things will change in the future. As an aryticle at Pajamas Media points out the average income per capita in Kenya was in real terms higher and the standard of living better in 1960, before the British handed over power than it is now.

40 years of miguided aid to Africa

Wherever you go in Africa plenty of older people will say that for ordinary people life was better under the colonial powers.

That does not make colonialism right but it does put a different perspective on the sentimentalised fairy tales of Black American preacher - politicians. The notion that Africa was some kind of utopia until the slave traders arrived is ludicrous. Long before the trans Atlantic slave trade began Africans were involved in slave trading and two hundred years after the trade was abolished, a hundred and fifty after slavery was ended in the USA, there is still a slave trade in Africa. Last year a case came before the international courts concerning children from rural areas of West Africa being sold into slavery by their own families Landmark ruling - hope for thousands

The answer here is simple. SAME RULES APPLY! If nations seeking aid do not meet certain standards in protecting the liberties of their citizens they do not qualify for the handout.

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21 December 2009

Climate Change:How Much Blame Must Science Take?
by Ian R Thorpe

I have often said that as a campaigner on climate change for thirty years I began to doubt the current generation of climate scientists when they invented the word "anthropogenic" in an attempt to pin all the blame for climate change on human economic progress and particularly carbon emissions from industrial activity. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), although we should not use the misleading term global warming and nobody should be in any doubt as to why after the weather systems that have brought much of Europe and the North East USA to a near standstill since the Copenhagen Summit on Global Warming ended and the delegates went home, is a convenient term to divert attention from the many interwoven aspects of the horribly complex processes that are driving climate change.

When scientists start to ...
Read All Climate Change:How Much Blame Must Science Take? RELATED POSTS:

20 December 2009
Copenhagen Round Up: Much Ado About Nothing

It's all over in Copenhagen at last and we all know, except for those "Science Is God" fundamentalists who insist their science is infallible, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, that "our last chance to save the planet" was a damp squib, a diversion to distract us from two even bigger problems, the debt crisis and the ageing time bomb.

Copenhagen was never going to produce a binding deal on carbon emissions. The global warming lobby were deluded by their own hype, there was little consensus among nations. Nations pursue their own interests as they always have. Those of us who know climate change is happeing despaired as we watched the idiot scientists lose an argument that was virtually won. To the scientists of course the Copenhagen Climate Summit was never about saving the planet, it was about showing off how clever they are. Unfortunately they came unstuck when numerous cases of rigging data to produce the answers their paymasters required were exposed.

In one way that is good. If future anyone who tries to close down an argument by saying "I'm a scientist" will be ridiculed. In another way it is bad. While the scientisyts have ben lying and concocting fake data time has been wasting and the problems we have to deal with have been getting bigger.

Here are a few posts from around the web that summarise where we are:

Blame The Smug Climate Scientists from The Daily Beast. The writer is not a climate change denier but deplores the self righteousness of the climate science lobby.

The Science Is Settled : Copenhagen was a circus. Leaked e-mails, links between climate change scientists and carbon trading profiteers, on Islander weeping because he home was about to be submerged when it is a mountainous island with peaks up to 100 metres high, another bemoaning the imminent loss to the ocean of his island home when he lives in Australia - 100 miles inland. And they have the cheeks to dimiss genuine scepticism as right wing misanthropy/ Yeah right.

The Non Specific, Non Binding climate Deal Obama's much heralded deal with China and India on climate change does not commit anyboody to doing anything.

Stifling Dissent at a conference that was always about stifling dissent. America's Right on Copenhagen.

AP wins World Brown Nosing Championship

The mainstream media in America and Britain is still in full on Obamessiah worshipping mode even though Obama's aura of divinity is in shreds. The difference between the sycophancy and the reality is unbridgeable however.

The Parils Of Global Warming Models. John Droz Jr., physicist and computer programmer points out the folly of failing to differentiate between mathematical modelling and reality.

18 December 2009
Victims Of Hype
by Xavier Connolly

"Tiger Woods Is So So Much Bigger Than Golf," says a sycophantic article at Huffington Post, whiningly demanding that we "Leave Him Alone" as fans of King Of Child Molesters" Michael Jackson did whenever their hero was in trouble over his bizarre sexual needs.

Well we have heard from those who have intimate knowledge of his anatomy that he is a very big boy but to claim anybody is bigger than the business that made them is ridiculous.

Tiger Woods has been a beneficiary of the kind of hyperbole that made Michael Jackson, a very ordinary singer and a dancer who claimed to have invented moves mime acts had been doing for centuries, into "The King Of Pop." Hype also made and broke many others in film and TV, sport, music. Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jnr., the jew hating alcoholic dwarf Mel Gibson (5' 3") Robbie Williams, Whitney Houstan, Bobby Brown, Amy Winehouse and many, Dare we say as the reality of Obama's performance looks increasingly lacklustre against the sparkling expectations, the would of politics will soon lose its immunity to hype hazard.. Those who benefit from hype are inevitably destroyed by it.

Golf will survive, there are many other talented golfers who are simply more in touch with reality and not quite so addicted to fame, success and the idea that the rules do not apply to them.

Golf will survive. Fans of Tiger Woods will have to hope his career does. As firms that sponsor Tiger desert in droves (Nike Stands By Its Tiger) that is looking an increasingly forlorn hope

18 December 2009
Climate Change: Little White Lies and Big Brown Lies Ian R. Thorpe

The Copenhagen summit conference on climate change was never about climate change. It was about money, power, control and the need to divert attention from the failure of globalization. Pity the science used to back up the case for action was so easily exposed as fraudulent. Read more...

17 December 2009
Hide The Decline - Doctoring Facts Is Good Science
The climate change sacientists are shamless. Not only to they quite proudly state that doctoring data is standard scientific practice, they continue to wriggle and waffle and deny the climategate e-mails mean what they clearly do mean. Learn more about the science of lying though your teeeth to try and hook a $100million research grant at Real Clear Politics
Hide The Decline - And More
and there's more... If you are the type who is driven into a rabid frenzy by any suggestion the climate change science is not infallible and the scientists behind it might have an agenda read Coments on Recent Climate Change reports by Dr. Vincent Grey of the Royal Society of New Zealand, a climate scientist who has not been swept along in the feeding frenzy of Northern Hemisphere scientists who scented big money research grants
More Lies Of Science Exposed

Climate Change Roundup
G20 Witch Hunt
Too Many People
Copenhagen Stinks Of Corruption
We're All Going To Die - WTF (humour)

16 December 2009
Chancellor Darling's PBR Cancels Christmas And The Future
Both the USA and Britain are in a debt crisis that dwarfs the catastrophe of climate change. Other developed nations are crippled by debt and their Public Sector Borrowing Requirement but not completely hamstrung yet. Read how government borrowing by means of selling bonds to finance out of control public spendingis dragging us into the article Future Is Cancelled

14 December 2009
The New Socialism
Charles Krauthammer leans to the right of American politics, I lean to the left of the British spectrum. So what has Krauthammer to say on socialism that I might agree with? Here he attacks the internationalist model. The prosperous west cannot afford to be guilt tripped by head shaker nations of the third world or an ever smaller number will be proving for an ever increasing number of free riders.
Chares Krauthammer on The New Socialism for the Washington Post

12 December 2009
American Fantasy Is Obama's Reality

11 December 2009
The road to middle east stability runs through Kashmir says Pakistani writer Panjak Mishra. With its latest surge and escalation of the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and the triballands of North West Pakistan, America has taken a terrible decision to escalate a war against an unopposable enemy. Obama may be arrogant enough to think he, the rookie politician with no military or governmental experience can succeed where Alexander, The Roman Empire, Genghis Kahn, Sultan Suleimun, The British Empire and The Soviet Union all failed but is Obama who so deluded he sees himself as President of The World really so much out of control he is immune to the advice of his own military leaders and State Department diplomats.

Kissinger's Fantasy Is Obama's Reality

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11 December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference: The Stink Of Shit And Corruption
The spiel from the control freak governments of developed nations in the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Conference billed as the last chance to save the planet from a global warming catastrophe went something like this."You must listen to the scientists, you must not think for yourselves, you must never question authority," Luckily we all knew the scientists chanting this mantra were as much crooks and liars as the politicians and billionaires they worked for...follow link and read the whole sordid story in a new window:
Copenhagen Climate Conference: The Stink Of Shit And Corruption.

Feel The Burn
A Roundup Of All Our Climate Change Posts Brown: A Lust For Glory
Climate Science Scam Exposed
Has Global Warming Stopped
Blinding Themselves With Science
Fear and panic and fossil fuels"
Too Complex For Science
Novus Ordo Seclorum

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10 December 2009
Darling PBR Makes Taxpayers Bail Out Labour
by Ed Butt.
KEYWORDS: economy, PBR, budget, darling, labour, debt, economy, finance, government

The pre budget report (PBR) delivered by Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistar Darling yesterday was the nearest any Labour politician has yet come or is likely to come to admitting how comprehensively the party has screwed the economy during their twelve years in power. Even so, Darling could not break with the kind of deluional thinking on the economy that typifies Labour in power.

As he announced swingeing tax increases, cuts to public services and caps on public sector salaries, all of which will raise just a few billion pounds to set against the 178 billion (and rising) deficit and a Public Sector Borrowing Requirement that rises month on month Darling spoke of the shortfall being made up by a surge in growth. It is hard to see where this growth will come from. With tax revenues in freefall, unemployment rising and manufacturing in the doldrums, taking on more debt is the only way the government can service its existing debts.For almost a year they have been printing money, lending it to banks at 0.5% interest and borrowing it back at 2 - 2.5% interest. Such economics are lunacy.

Darling hopes the "surge in growth" will come from consumers suddenly taking leave of their senses and starting to max out their credit cards, run up overdrafts and loan debts and remortgage their houses in order to finance the spending needed for a "consumer led recovery."

As Vince Cable said, "The Labour economic boom was buit on sand, now they are trying to rebuild it on sand. As an example of people who do not learn from the past repeating its mistakes, Darling's Pre Budget Report takes some beating.

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9 December 2009
Copenhagen Climate Summit Chaos.

hate to say we told you so folks (no we don't, we love it) but it looks as if the Copenhagen Climate Summit, "our last chance to save the planet" according to politicians and their lap dog scientists, is in disarray and on the verge of collapse after a confidential document detaing a power grab by certain rich nations that seems mainly to hve been cooked up by the authoritarian Obama administration for American and the equally authoritarian Labour government in the UK.

Copenhagen Climate Conference Chaos
The Daily Stirrer was first to warn this whole charade was about power and money.

Has Global Warming Stopped
Blinding Themselves With Science
Fear and panic and fossil fuels"
Too Complex For Science
Novus Ordo Seclorum

8 December 2009
Brown: A Lust For Glory

With Obama hasmstrung by the refusal of the US Congress to pass his climate change bill without reading it first, Gordon Brown sees a chance to grab the limelight as the chief global warming warrior...

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Renewable Energy Con

8 Decemberr 2009
The Man We Would Like To be God Speak Out On Climate

TF for David Attenborough, the man British people would overwhelmingly support if there was a vote to elect somebody as God. Vteran naturalist Sir David will tomorrow present a TV programme in which he will dare to name the real cause of climate change, the factor the Politically Correct Thought Police have prevented us discussing and the lying cheating, backstabbing scientists, eager to serve the interests of their corporate and political paymasters and further their own greedy sleazy interests, have refused to address.


Each person on the planet consumes resources and there just are not enough resources to go round. The problem mainly affects the developing world. This is blamed by the Politically Correct Thought Police on the west's exploitation. The science lobby stay schtumm because they know the real cause is science. Medical science can create drugs to eradicate disease and prolong life but scientists never think of the consequences of preserving and prologing life in nations where there are scant resources and science can change people's phyisical health but cannot affect attitudes.

Bangla Desh is a good example. The population of this country whose area is smaller than England has incresed by 50% since 1997 to a current 165 million.

How can they survive, how can that nation with little industry, a shortage of good quyality land much of it under threat from rising seas levels.

And yet obvious though this is it takes an octogenarian naturalist to say out loud what has been Staring. Us. In. The. Fucking.Face.

7 December 2009
Climate Change Killed A Guardian Reader

The Copenhagen Climate Summit threatens to be the biggest ever festial of bullshit and hypocrisy. Can politicians emplty talk save the planet? Are they even talking about the right things? Does the planet need saving? Do we really care? Which way is the party?
Read Full Article Climate Change Killed A Guardian Reader

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Has Global Warming Stopped
Blinding Themselves With Science
Fear and panic and fossil fuels"
Too Complex For Science
Novus Ordo Seclorum

6 December 2009
Canadians Who Cared Saved Us From Climate Change Nazi's.
Article in the Ottowa Citizen commented on by John De Roe.

Get to know the Climate Change Science lobby, the scientists who tried to scam the world into spending tillions on useless scientific problems that would probable make the effects of climate change worse and certainly not mitigate them. By "get to know" I do not mean study their CVs, their family photo albums or their Amazon wish list, what you need to understand is the mindset what makes them tick. Examine what these people do and how they behave, not what they tell us about themselves.

What will strike you is the tribalism, cliquishness and determination to suppress any point of view that strays from the mainstream. Scientists, not just in this field but in medicine, food production, chemistry, electronics and fuel/power would have is believe they are intellectuals, possessed of academic detachment that insulates them from the secular concerns that drive mere mortals. They are lying of course. What you are about to read if you follow the link will reveal a group of small mined, self interested bigots whose work is driven by greed, desire for fame, status and power. Far from the curiosity and desire to extend the frontiers of human knowledge these scientists claim as their motivation we are shown people who will go to almost any lengths to cover up their errors, incompetence and deliberate deceptions and to shout down dissent.

These however are the people who have the ear of the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change, who will influence the world's political leaders and whose advice, if acted on, will enrigh their corporate paymasters and impoverish the rest of us.

Please click the link:

The Canadians Who Changed The Climate Debate

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An Inconvenient Truth About Climate Change Science.
by Ian R Thorpe

I've said many times I became suspicious of "climate change science" when the climate change scientists started attaching the word "anthropogenic to it. I mean, anthropogenic, WTF is that all about? Anthropologists study hominids; primitive man, chimps and those dwarf chimps that are always wanking, baboons, gibbons, gorillas and monkeys. Anthropology is the study of human development right? The study of humankind according to the OED if we are being picky (there is bound to be some boy-scientists along who wants to brandish the Wikipedia definition and I can't be arsed slapping them down. Similarly anthropogenisis, the word from which anthropogenic must derive , relates all An Inconvenient Truth About Climate Change

5 December 2009
Creepy Child Safety Czar

Anyobody who reads this page regularly will know we are not fans of Barack Obama. It is amusing that the Obots who mail us with "rapid rebuttals" of our attacks (pointless, we do not publish comments) assume we are supporters of the so called political right.

WRONG! Daily Stirrer editor Ian Thorpe is socially liberal, economically Keynsean, John De Roe is a a progressive conservative, Ed Butt is contrarian and Xavier Connolly is Old Labour. What they have in common is a lifelong mistrust and suspicion of authority and a belief that all politicians are wankers. Obama is no exception to that and comes in for particularly virulent criticism because of the way he encouraged America'd desperate democrats to treat him as a messianic figure. The world should always fear self proclaimed messiahs and Obama's similarity to Roman Emperor Caligula is more than casual.

OK, now you know where we stand. The colour of Obambi's skin is not going to get him any sympathy here.

What we would like to know today is what kind of a man, if man is the right word, who is the father of young girls, can appoint to a position of responsibility in the schools system the perverted little creep behind this report?

Obama's Safe Schools Czar Promoting Child Porn In The Classroom

Paedos may not raise many eyebrows in Obama's weird world of terrorists, agitators, pimps, pushers, crooks, rent boys and scammers but we get the feeling if America's mainstream media was not doing its usual head in the sand act but was reporting this story as it ought to be reported the U.S. public would be up in arms about it.

Some might say this is nothing to do with The Daily Stirrer because we are an Anglo Irish blog. We are in fact a world blog and we are commenting on the most powerful leaders in the free world (for the moment at least) and a man who seems to have no problem in deluding himself he was elected President Of The World.

4 December 2009
Copenhagen, The Real Agenda.
by Ed Butt

The Copenhagen climate summit organised by the United Nation, it's about saving the planet, right?


We all know now the scientific data used as "evidence of anthropogenic climate change" was faked, made up, manipulated to provide the answers the political establishment wanted. The language of climate change was a givaway as was the self righteousness and assumption of moral sueriority among the climate change believers. Anthropogenic climate change was one of the gospels of the new religion of Science.

It was easy to persuade most people to go along with it, this stuff had been worked out by scientists and scientists are very clever people if a bit nerdy and not great drinking companions unless you like to talk in equations and numbers. Everyone knows scientists are clever, they told us so themselves. Few people questioned their cleverness because scientists are always right aren't they? They're scientists.

To the sceptic and contributors to this web page have to be fully paid up, card carrying members of the sceptical bastards club, it was clear at an early stage that the science involved in predicting climate change was the science of guesswork. The premise that weather patterns can be changed by ...TO READ ALL CLICK THE LINK

Copenhagen - The Real Agenda

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3 December 2009
Why Copenhagen Climate Change Conferene Must Fail

In a surprise statement today the world's leading climate change expert annouced that he hopes the Copenhagen climate change summit, billed as our last chance to avoid a global warming catastrophe, ends in failure. Any deal struck, according to James Hansen, would involve the creation of a carbon trading market and in putting the interests of capitalism ahead of solving the problem would only make matters worse... Learn Why the Copenhagen Climate Change talks will fail in this brilliant polemic by Ian R. Thorpe

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Obama's Biofuel Folly
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The Offcomer
Climate Change Science Scam
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2 December 2009
The Price Of Understanding The Universe
Ian R. Thorpe

It is always a pleasure to be able to take the piss out of a boy scientists and as I got a bollocking today from our new contributor for spelling his name incorrectly (bit much, it's only a pen name) I feel like winding someone up. Not much point on the web you may think, it is very hit and miss whether the right person will find it. Well this person, like most of those I refer to as boy scientists, is a science writer for The Guardian and their whole science and technology team is made up of the kind of sad acts who Google their own name incessantly to see who is talking about them.

Today's boy scientists of the day is Adam Rutherford and he is burbling on ecstatically about the Large Hardon Collider, the machines that when it is switched on gets scientists very excited before it breaks down.

This ludicrous piece of kit cost an absolute fortune, in the region of 6 billion we are told, and though it is a tremendous undertaking nobody quite knows what it will achieve. This means it will be hard for anyone to know if it has actually ever worked properly. Now Adam gives us the usual guff about scientific methodology and the wonderful curiosity of the human race, the urge to explore and discover, to cross lines and take leaps into the unknown. All that is good stuff right enough but our evolution to the highest life form on earth and as far as we know the only intelligent life form in The Universe is not because of our curiosity, desire to pull things apart to find out how they work ., leap into the dark, cross lines and boldly go where no man has gone before. Oh no, it is much more to do with our ability to think things through, minimise risk, work out the approach least likely to get us killed, and weigh the benefit against the cost.

Those who place curiosity ahead of intelligence are more likely to be candidates for the Darwin Awards than the Nobel Prizes. Look at this statement...

The LHC is the biggest and most expensive experiment in history, as befits asking the most fundamental questions in the universe: why does stuff have mass? It's a hard question, and thrilling in its pure curiosity.

Pure curiosity. So these brainless bastards think that pure curiosity is justification to getting the taxpayers to stump up for what amounts to the biggest toy in the world. Elsewhere Adam talks of the secrets of the Universe which the boy scientists with the Large Hardon hope their toy will help them discover when it smashes sub atomic particles to bits by firing them into each other. The idea the Collider might do this is based on a theory, a good theory as it happens but a theory that is really untestable, that a sub atomic particle named the Higgs Boson, a thing so tiny and slight it has almost no mass but according to the theory is responsible for holding the fabric of the universe together. Trouble is nobody knows if the Higgs Boson exists so if the experiment finds one will anybody be able to recognise it?

That is what I mean by thinking things through. One would suggest that discovering the secrets of The Universe is not exactly top of humankind's list of priorities now, not that anybody would understand the secrets of the Universe if the written text dropped out of the sky carved on a tablet of stone. There is no more hard evidence to support big bang theory than there is for the book of Genesis. For big bang all we have is a scientists attempt to make some sense of the origins of life conundrum by doing some highly speculative equations using the same technique of making up the data in order to provide the required answer. For Genesis we have a Bronze Age fairy story. And yet we are told the former is "science" and therefore we must accept that as proof it is right.

At least the Bronze Age people knew their creation myth was just that, a myth. They left us precious little information on what they really though but among those fragments we learn that they understood life had begun "long, long ago, before men had understanding." When you think about that it is a lot more intelligent than: "All the matter and all the time and space in the Universe was compressed into a pellet the size of a rat turd and then suddenly there was an explosion and the Universe popped into existence and it has been growing ever since." The trouble with scientific curiosity you see is it afflicts people who just aren't intelligent or perceptive enough to say, "We just don't know," which is actually the answer to most of the great questions.

If people don't know what they are looking for how are they going to know they have found it. And is if that were not complicated enough, the fact of their not knowing if it exists or not makes the problem a trillion times more complex.

An earlier particle collider, the not-quite-as-large-as-the-large-but-larger-than-the middle-sized-hadron collider fooled the science heads into thinking they had discovered the Higgs Boson. What their sensors had picked up was in fact the moons magnetic field. And the sensor was located three hundred feet deep under the earths surface. See what I mean? The project is seeking such slight traces of energy the scientists could be fooled into thinking they have discovered the meaning of life when in fact they have recorded the electron - magnetic interference generated by a cockroach fart.

Take a look at Adam's article (What Price The Secrets Of The Universe) and decide if you think he is one of a rare breed, a man whose life is dedicated to pushing at the boundaries of human knowledge in the hope of extending our mastery of all things in the physical universe until, like Gods, we are so smart we can grwate matter by will power alone or if his obsession with "science" (the boy scientists use it as a magic word, they don't even know what it means) has led to his having travelled so far up his own arse he can scratch his head from the inside?

Before Big Bang - part 1
Before Big Bang - part 2
Climate Change Science Scam

1 December 2009
Afghan War To Escalate With American Surge
by Xavier Connelly

There is no doubt the 30,000 extra American troops Barack Obama will in a few hours announce are heading for the killing fields of Afghanistan are going to make a big difference to the outcome of this insane war. The moment the imbecile Obama make the announcement the war will escalate. It will not be a noticeable increase in violence, not for a while at least. The fighting and the level of casualties may well decrease in the short term. The Taliban fighters migh just mely away into the hills and villages as they did after the initial assault by American and NATO troops in 2002. What will increase in the Islamic world is the simmering resentment of the west, resentment that the west cannot leave the Islamic world to manage (or not manage depending on your point of view) its own affairs.

The people of the east, the Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Japanese are masters at playing the long game. They do not mind waiting a generation or even several generations for eventual victory. Short termism is the creed in the west and western leaders like Obama and Gordon Brown are so arrogant they expect everybody to play by our rules. They expect the enemy to stop shooting and surrender their arms the moment victory is declared.

These fools, these poseurs who claim intellectual superiority but are as ignorant of history as they are of human nature do not appear to have ever in their worthless, freeloading lives picked up an objective book of history. Had they done so they would know that to the eastern mindset the war is not over until the last one of the enemy is dead.

Somehow I think neither the vacillating, emotionally needful Obama not the dithering Brown, as ever struggling with his inner demons, self doubt, inferiority complex, religious prejudices, has the stomach for genocide.

If the allies go ahead with this we may be in for the kind of perpetual, low level warfare waged by the Ministry Of Peace in George Orwell's increasingly prescient looking novel 1984.

In reality as in the novel it is the ordinary people who will suffer while the elite, the axis of incompetence, continue their undending self congratulatory jamboree. In nations already bankrupted by the economic illiteracy of their leaders the future looks to promise a rough ride.

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29 November 2009
Cilmate Change Science Scam Exposed

Climate Change Science U TurnThe Top UK Climate Change team at the University Of East Anglia, in an unexpected U turn after the "climategate" leaked e-mails scandal has agreed to publish all its data. One scientist identified as a climate change scepti by the e-mails, David Holland, has said that for many years he argued that the "science" just did not work. So aggressive were the efforts to supprss his work made him fel like a David taking on the Goliath of the scientific establishment.

The Daily Stirrer has always said we felt the academic community in this field was far too cosy with groups who had a vested interest in speading fear and panic in order to profit from it.

Meanwhile in Scotland On Sunday one of the high priests of the Church Of Climate Change gives us an example of that fear and panic. He claims that if the Cpoenhagen Jolly Old Piss - Up for world leaders fails, 95% of the global population may die.

Yeah, MAY die. And Accrington Stanley may win the Premier League championship by 2020 and pigs might fly (except of course for those attending the Copenhagen summit who will never get their snouths out of the trough long enough to attempt a takeoff.)

Scientist warns of catastrophe if Copenhagen fails

The Daily Stirrer has not changed its stance on climate change. We still feel there is a huge problem. What has emerged recently and is becoming more apparent every day is that the science community were in cahoots with Corporate Control Freakery and political one - world authoritarianism all along. You can trust scientists less than bankers. Bankers are smart but dishonest, scientists as we have seen are stupid, small minded, blinkered and dishonest.

27 November 2009
Iraq Enquiry - Blair Guilt

The Chilcot inquiry into events leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq will not reach a staisfactory conclusion, of that you may be sure. A satisfactory conclusion would be the prosecution of Tony Blair for treason, for the way he put the interests of the American administration and his own interests ahead of those of the nation whose government he led.

Among the many tasty details the inquiry has offered in its first few days is confirmation of what most of us who take an interest in current affairs knew but Blair and his Labour colleagues have always denied; i.e. that Blair was party to plans to invade Iraq and impose regime change as much as a year before the invasion began.

We are also learning that Blair was told quite unequivocally there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nothing that could quickly have been used to launch an attack on western interests outside Iraq. We all knew that at the time of course. What will be interesting is whether Blair knew he was lying when he insisted he believed Saddam's forces had such weapons or whether for most of the time he led Britain we was completely barking mad, totally and utterly stark raving bonkers in the head, a paranoid schizois mwgalomaniac? READ revelations to the inquiry that will probably not be reported in mainstream media at Wikileaks.

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25 November 2009
The Taliban Are Shafting Us Up The Khyber

As Barack Obama rehearses his speech to the American people in which he will declare victory and announce he is sending 35,000 extra troops to help organise the celebrations, news of how bad things are over there is starting to leak out.

Up to now we have heard little on the progress of the war strategy other than vague suggestions that the allies are really on top of the situation punctuated by reports of the latest British casualties.

It turns out however that the main supply route to the allied forces is by road convoy and the Taliban forces are so much in control we are losing 70$ of the stuff meant for our forces to their attacks. An additional 30,000 troops will just mean more food, military equipment and gadgets for the Afghans to steal. Given the trck record of the allies for incompetence in the face of danger, the warlords are probably steling our stuff and selling it back to us.

It's no surprise, everyone has seen historical movies like Carry On Up The Khyber, we know our boys are up against a highly motivated enemy in impossible terrain. What a pity Gordon Brown cannot get the message too.

With the war spreading into Pakistan and the level of support the Pakistani government are able to offer being eroded the only plan on the table is to seek an alternative route through other Central Asian Islamic nations. While these are not officially hostile they are not exactly friendly and the only way they will risk stirring up Islamic militancy in their own nations by allowing the allies access is if we pay them shedloads of money.

That is a great options for nations already on the verge of bankruptcy.

Obama may not be able to afford to lose this war but neither can he afford to win it even with British support. Time we looked after our own interests for a change.

Get the troops out now and end this insane Carry On.


23 November 2009
"Rumpy Pumpy's plans for European integration. Read how the new democratically unelected EU President pland to re - introduce measures the French and Dutch referenda rejected.

">Rumpy Pumpy To Bring Europe Together? Read Cranmer on the EU President's plan for federalisation by stealth. We are busy putting together a series on the rapid progress to global governance that is happening right now without a single word being reported in mainstream media.

One World, One State, One Government
The new EU President is already talking about a move towards global governance.

22 November 2009
Obama's Abject Servility

While barack Obama's recent tour of the far east is as usual being hailed as a great diplomatic triumph by the Politically Correct Though Police who control the American media the reality is it came close to being a political disaster.
The Chinese accepted the concessions offered by Obama and laughed up their sleeves, respondinbg with the usual evasions, vague hints of future deals and stonewalling. The Chinese leadership find Obama so naive and inept in negotiations rumour has it they think he is a stand up comedian impersonating a President.

In Japan, in a completely misguided effort to show that under his presidency America will be more understanding of foreign customs, Obama showed his ignorance and utter disregard for the feelings of his host Emperor Akihito by bowing deeply as he shook the Emperor's hand.

Poor Akihito did not know how to respond to this completely inappropriate greeting from a head of state. One commentator had this to say: My Japanese friends say that it was not only the US that cringed with embarrassment. The whole of Japan averted their eyes from the scene. The painfully deep bow he offered is known as the "Saikeirei". It is rarely seen in public as is meant to convey the most abject apology. To shake hands while performing the Saikeirei is the epitome of servility. Who on earth briefs Obama? What will he do next? Perhaps he will "moon" President Herman von Rumpty-Pumpty of Europe. On reflection, that might not be a bad idea. Meanwhile American efforts to persuade Russia and China to support economic sanctions with Iran were met with derision. Russian regards Iran as a good neighbour and has no problem with the Islamic nation's nuclear ambitions and China re quite happy with the idea of America refusing to buy Iran's oil and will happily take all the Iranian's have to sell.

All Obama's efforts end in fiasco. Shouldn't his handlers wise up and make him leave the difficult stuff to Hillary Clinton?

Meanwhile on Planet Fantasy, Obama still behaves as if he is President Of The Entire Universe And Everything Else Besides rather than a rookie Senator in America who got lucky andwas ramrodded into the White House by big finance.

Here is another comment on a piece of Obama worship in the media that puts the man's performance into perspective.

Hope and Change? The Reality Of Obama Is Hypocrisy And Cynicism

20 November 2009
Has Global Warming Stopped?

Readers will know I claim to have been a climate change campaigner for over thirty years but have recently come to suspect the whole thing has been hijacked by governments trying to spead fear and panic to scare the voters into docile obedience and crackopt scientists who don't have a clue what they are talking about but are simply fishing for research grants, book deals and Nobel Prizes.

Here is a shock report from the very highly respected German newspaper Der Spiegel revealing that a major and well founded study has reported that global warning has not increased for the past ten years.

Climatologists Baffled By Global Warming Time Out

Stranngely this has not been reported in the mainstream media of the English speaking world where corporate puppets like Obama and Brown are relying on climate chance capitalism funded by our tax money to lead their economies from the brink of disaster.

Now it would be foolish to believe just one report but it does serve to remind us that contrary to what government, the science lobby and The Guardian would have you believe this debate is by no means concluded. The climate change evangelists case is based just as much on guesswork, assumptions and self interest as that of the climate change deniers. The truth is nobody has a clue what is going on.

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The Daily Stirrer has always said we felt the academic community in this field was far too cosy with groups who had a vested interest in speading fear and panic in order to profit from it.

Meanwhile in Scotland On Sunday one of the high priests of the Church Of Climate Change gives us an example of that fear and panic. He claims that if the Cpoenhagen Jolly Old Piss - Up for world leaders fails, 95% of the global population may die.

Yeah, MAY die. And Accrington Stanley may win the Premier League championship by 2020 and pigs might fly (except of course for those attending the Caopenhagen summit who will never get their snouths out of the trough long enough to attempt a takeoff.)

Scientist warns of catastrophe if Copenhagen fails

19 November 2009
Passionate About Equality, Not About Nursing

The increasingly authoritarian Labout government and their cohorts The Politically Correct Though Police are passionate about eqyality in public service employers. So much so they are eager to payan equali rights office twice the salary earned by a fully qualified nurse?

Passionate About Equality - If The Pay Is Right

The question we should be asking Labour candidates going into the next election is: "Why, when there is a shortage of qualified and specialist nurses, can they always find money to employ more pointless bureaucrats but cannot allocate the same funds to hire nurses.

Or if you want to be really awkward, you could ask why in view of the long standing difficulty recruiting people into nursing, a career that guarantes the emotional emotional stress of dealing with sickness and death as well as being physically hard work, they plan to drive more people away from that career choice by restricting entry only to people with degrees?

These are two very good examples of what it wrong with Labour and their addle brained politically correct idealistic thinking.

18 November 2009
Time To Think The unthinkable
Two contradictory reports on climate change out today show again how truly divided on the issue the scientists are despite the claims of the Church Of Science lobby that everybody except a few cranks and people in the pay of the big oil companies are now agreed about anthropogenic climate change and only the rabid right are stopping the "scientific" solutions being implemented.

In fact the study that calls into question the glib, self serving assumptions of the conventional wisdom actually makes more sense. They do not deny that human activity has impacted the environment on the planet, they just call it question the "evidence" cited by their opponents which as so oftejn with the work of modern academics gives the impression the project has been run by people who start from an answer and work backwards until they have a question that fits.

As the scientists have now wasted three decades on academic debate and as their proposed solutions are obviously geared towards making vast fortunes from taxpayer funded projects for the catastrophe capitalists who fund their work we should look at a bigger picture.

By far the biggest cointribution to global warning comes from factors related to runaway population growth. Deforestation and industrialised farming are the culprits. So is it time to think the unthinkable? RELATED POSTS: Population Control and Climate Change
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17 November 2009
Afghanistan - Another Effing Fiasco

So Gordon Brown's Labour Government thinks our troops can be leave Afghanistan with honour by the end of 2010 do they?

How long has The Daily Stirrer been telling you these people are idiots? They never did have a very firm grip on reality and it is slackening all the time. Since the day George W bush decided to invade Afghanistan in retaliation for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and the Sychphant in chief Tony Blair decided to follow him this project has ben an exercise in futility that has cost hundreds of lives and achieved nothing. On top of the Bus / Blair disaster the Obama / Brown sequel has only made matters a lot worse. From having to maintain an multination ocupation force that faced low level violence, following Obama's electoral promise to escalate the war and involve Pakistan, it was inevitable the west had two options, endless war or ignominious defeat.

As Obama, a weak, vain, solipsistic man, is absolutely to power and the celebrity it brings him (the first celebrity politician) defeat in Afghanistan is not something he can allow. A withdrawal of American and NATO troops leading, within weeks to a coup in which the corrupt, shambolic government of President Karazi is overthrown and replaced by the Taliban would be a crushing defeat for America and would lead to the unceremonious ejection of the incument from The White House in 2012.

Obama's advisors know that, even if the President continues to delude himself that his charm, intellect and persuasive prowess can persuade people to act against their own interests an in his. Solipsists create their own little bubble of reality but sooner or later the world must intrude.

So as the cost of war increases, the possibilities of developing an exit strategy become more remote. What will decide the issue eventully is the cost of war and its effect on budget deficits. As governments go more deeply into debt to fund war the banks and nations that hold the west's bonds rack up the interest rates. There are already very clear signs Britain and the USA are struggling to meet their interest payments and with each month that passes the public sector borrowing requirements are swelled by burgeoning welfare payments as unemployment contnues to rise and more public sector jobs are created to mask the true hopelessness of the situation.

When politicians make optimistic statements do not believe them. It is just a smokescreen to mask how bad things really are.

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16 Novenber 2009
Not So Wonderful Copenhagen
So world leaders have admitted there is no chance of the Copenhagen summit in December producing a deal that will save the world from climate change.

Hate to say it (we don't really, we love it) but we told you so.

Environmentalist George Monbiot admitted a few weeks back that the climate change activists are losing the argument. Is it any wonder, the solutions being offered so far include creating a global carbon trading market, pumping sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere with the known consequence that it will cause acid rain, other tinkering with weather patterns with unknown consequences, everybody becoming vegan, putting windmills on every hilltop and shore and all sitting in the dark when there is no wind. Then there is the weakness of their arguments. If I argue against the windmills lobby I am accused of wanting to return to a medieval lifestyle. But how are wave, tide, run of river, marine current and solar generation medieval compared to windmills? One of the arguments put forward in these columns by the climate change science lobby is that although the technologies may not be effective if we don't implement them the result could be worse than if we do. That is the argument of the truly desperate. Better the devil you know; if we do implement unproven solutions with catastrophic consequences will the last few humans, as they try to scratch a living from the barren earth thank us because at least we tried to do something. As nobody can predict what will happen the low risk approach of doing nothing with unknown consequences has to be better than the leap into the dark approach. When it is argued that we neeed to adopt more labour intensive, lower carbon footprint ways of producing our food this too is derided but not only would it be more effective than all becoming vegetarians and living on hothouse grown, intensively farmed crops, it would provide many meaningful jobs in the post industrial world. So the climate change evangelists are patronising, self righteous and unconvincing (and probably wrong as the signs are we have passed tipping point and all we can do is prepare for a rough ride. Is it any wonder they are losing the argument? RELATED POSTS: Change We Can't Believe In
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15 November 2009
Ex Soldier Faces Jail For Acting Properly
posted by Ian R. Thorpe

When an ex soldier in Britain found a gun in his garden he thought he wsas doing the right thing by taking it to the police station. Instead of being thanked he was arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

Britain's already draconian gun controls were tightened up considerably after the Dunblane school massacre about a decade ago. Possession of a handgun is now a strict liability in law issue: if somebody is found in posession of a gun they are guilty regardless of circumstances. Such a clause achieves nothing but to show the law is badly drafted (as is common in a society where politically correct thinking usually overrules common sense).

Read the details of this case in which the former soldier, who found a gun dumped in his garden, acted responsibly and contacted his local police station. The newspaer report extract below goes a bit beyond "fair use" but I don't think they will mind.

Ex-soldier faces jail for handing in gun

A former soldier who handed a discarded shotgun in to police faces at least five years imprisonment for "doing his duty".

Paul Clarke, 27, was found guilty of possessing a firearm at Guildford Crown Court on Tuesday after finding the gun and handing it personally to police officers on March 20 this year.

The jury took 20 minutes to make its conviction, and Mr Clarke now faces a minimum of five year's imprisonment for handing in the weapon.

In a statement read out in court, Mr Clarke said: "I didn't think for one moment I would be arrested.

"I thought it was my duty to hand it in and get it off the streets."

On the balcony of his home in Nailsworth Crescent, Merstham, when he spotted a black bin liner at the bottom of his garden.

In his statement, he said: "I took it indoors and inside found a shorn-off shotgun and two cartridges.

"I didn't know what to do, so the next morning I rang the Chief Superintendent, Adrian Harper, and asked if I could pop in and see him.

"At the police station, I took the gun out of the bag and placed it on the table so it was pointing towards the wall."

Mr Clarke was then arrested immediately for possession of a firearm at Reigate police station, and taken to the cells.

Defending, Lionel Blackman told the jury Mr Clarke's garden backs onto a public green field, and his garden wall is significantly lower than his neighbours.

He also showed jurors a leaflet printed by Surrey Police explaining to citizens what they can do at a police station, which included "reporting found firearms".

Quizzing officer Garnett, who arrested Mr Clarke, he asked: "Are you aware of any notice issued by Surrey Police, or any publicity given to, telling citizens that if they find a firearm the only thing they should do is not touch it, report it by telephone, and not take it into a police station?"

To which, Mr Garnett replied: "No, I don't believe so."

Prosecuting, Brian Stalk, explained to the jury that possession of a firearm was a "strict liability" charge therefore Mr Clarke's allegedly honest intent was irrelevant.

Just by having the gun in his possession he was guilty of the charge, and has no defence in law against it, he added.

But despite this, Mr Blackman urged members of the jury to consider how they would respond if they found a gun.

He said: "This is a very small case with a very big principle.

"You could be walking to a railway station on the way to work and find a firearm in a bin in the park.

"Is it unreasonable to take it to the police station?"

Paul Clarke will be sentenced on December 11.

Judge Christopher Critchlow said: "This is an unusual case, but in law there is no dispute that Mr Clarke has no defence to this charge. "The intention of anybody possessing a firearm is irrelevant."

Acknowledgements to: This Is Surrey

A tough break for a man trying to be public spirited but I am surprised the Judge did not add insult to injury by saying, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". Consider the implications here. The court seems to be suggesting Mr. Clarke should have left the gun where it was. Not only would it have been grossly irresponsibe to leave the gun in the bag once he knew it was there, had he done so he would still be technically "in possession" so long as the gun was on his property. The police, obsessed with targets and statistics saw this as a "crime detetcted and solved" opportunity. In the past twelve years the Labour government has created many such offences, they serve to mask the bureaucratic overload which has left only 2.5% of our police force available (from The Daily Telegraph) to patrol the streets and investigate serious crimes. Should you come across any reports of how successful the government have been in reducing crime rates for recorded crimes bear in mind this was mostly achieved by two simple expedients. Police no longer record many less serious crimes if there is little chance of catching the perpetrators and crimes committed by the under 16s are no longer counted.

Needless to say, no matter how many responsible citizens are convicted under the stupid law that put Paul Clarke in the dock, the bad guys never seem to have a problem getting hold of whatever weapons they want. I remember somebody saying to me a long time ago that in the future the police would be red hot on speeding, parking, littering and other minor misdemeanours at the expense of pursuing serious criminals. People who commmit those minor offences are not likely to have guns, knives or baseball bats with nails through the end.

It seems the prediction is coming true.

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13 November 2009
Need A Crisis? Just manufacture a Swine Flu Pandemic. by Ed butt

The Daily Stirrer has always been sceptical about the Swine Flu epidemic. It first hit the news just before the G20 economic summit meeting of world leaders earlier in the year. The summit was ostensibly convened to hack out a solution to the global financial crisis but was in reality a front for the first step towards creating a world government. One of the delegates even went so far as to hint at this in a television interview. Asked if the task the summit had set delegates for the future was to create a global economy this man said, "Our task is to create a global culture."

Since then there has been much talk and a few covert commitments to work towards creating a new global trading currency and thus end the American trade hegemony. Although Barack Obama gave his backing to this at a meeting with representatives of the Bank Of International Settlements . Now the creation of a global currency will severely inhibit the freedom of nations to manage their own economies. In effect the governments of nations that sign up to this currency have ceded sovereignty to International Bankers and Financiers, the very people who are responsible for the mess the world is in.

Surely the voters in free nations will not stand by and let this happen? They might if they do not know about it - and whether the voters know about it depends very much on who controls information.

Everywhere we look in the free world we see governments exercising tighter control over the media. Everywhere governments are promoting the internet and new media to the detriment of traditional publishers and broadcasters. Why? Because it is much easier to control information on new media.

So how does this relate to Swine Flu? Like this:

Once the media is controlled the flow of information can be manipulated. The best weapon of governments with an authoritarian agenda is fear and panic. A fearful population is more easily controlled, more willing to comply with the diktat of the state than a population with free, unrestricted access to information.

So when the authorities, with the assistance of the few big players of old media and the enthusiastic help of the nerdy control freaks who own the near monopolies that bestride new media, need to bring populations under control all they need do is manufacture a crisis. Take a new disease, a mutation of the influenza virus which causes traditional winter flu and grossly exaggerate the dangers it poses. Millions will die, those who survive will face hardship as social systems collapse. Only the government can save us but to be successful they must have total obedience. We must all do exactly as we are told and question nothing.

There is talk of new laws to make a crime of refusing medication, of management of Labour, rationing of resources but opposition is silenced by predictions of the dire consequences of this disease becoming a pandemic. Then, SHOCK, HORROR, comes the announcement that the disease is a pandemic. How can this relatively mild disease be a pandemic the sceptics ask, where are all these millions dead?

Swine flu is officially a pandemic though, the World Health Organisation say so and they are doctors so we can trust them. Or can we. What if the World Health Organization redefined pandemic to suit the agenda of their political and corporate paymasters? Here is the traditional and widely accepted definition.
An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness. With the increase in global transport and communications, as well as urbanization and overcrowded conditions, epidemics due the new influenza virus are likely to quickly take hold around the world (emphasis added).
Now take a look at the new definition, the one the WHO now works to, the one the drug manufacturers and governments have based their campaign of fear and panic on.
A disease epidemic occurs when there are more cases of that disease than normal. A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic of a disease. An influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity. With the increase in global transport, as well as urbanization and overcrowded conditions in some areas, epidemics due to a new influenza virus are likely to take hold around the world, and become a pandemic faster than before. WHO has defined the phases of a pandemic to provide a global framework to aid countries in pandemic preparedness and response planning. Pandemics can be either mild or severe in the illness and death they cause, and the severity of a pandemic can change over the course of that pandemic (emphasis added).

So what happened to "enormous numbers of deaths" and why is a relatively mild (in the vast majority of cases) illness necessitating nothing more than a few days off work and some non prescription drugs to relieve unpleasant symptoms being inflated into something we are told is a serious threat to us all as individuals and to our communities and societies? Obviously we cannot answer that but if anyone is taking bats our money is on it being about money and control.

Trust nobody, grab all the information you can get hold of and then think the problem through for yourselves, giving more weight to your own observations and to the experiences of others than you do to anything from bodies controlled by government or international organisations or corporate sources.

In the end, whatever you are told, unless you are sure it is in your best interests, follow the advice of the great Roman Stirrer Cicero and ask yourself Cui Bono? Who benefits?

Read the full story on how the U.N. WHO redefined "Pandemic" to facilitate the manufacture of a crisis.

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12 november 2009
A-level Pass? Computer Says No...Exam Marking Insanity
Would the greatest writers of all time pass their English A Level exam. Not if a computer was marking, they wouldn't.

The Daily Stirrer makes it our business to invigilate the progressive education lobby for sings of loonyness. An we have to be honest, they keep us busy.

One of the most crackpot ideas to come out of the academic clique that supervises the dumbing down of standard was the recruitment of a marking computer to assess A level papers.

On being given samples of writing by great authors including Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway and John Donne the computer failed them all, dismissing John Donne's line "No man is an island." as incomprehensible.

A very atmospheric passage from Dickens was branded too repetitive as was a transcript of Churchills "Fight them on the beaches" speech.

Extracts from William Goldings "Lord Of The Flies" and Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" were described respectively as "erratic" and "bizarre."

Apart from being pedantic the marking computer cannot cope with metaphor, colloquialism or handle stylistic variation. All of which shows that despite the lurid fantasies of computer scientists Artificial Intelligence is as far away as Intergalactic Travel.

It is nicely ironic that in an education system designed, it is claimed, to encourage creativity, creativity is frowned on. The system sems to be giving out the message, "You will be creative, but only as creative as we allow you to be."

Once again we see the underlying ideal of progressive education is control freakery.

Just as a final, satisfying, nail in the coffin of the computerized exam marker in its appraisal of Chuchill's speech it corrects the use of "might of" in the phrase "might of the German Army," advising the author it was an incorrect way of writing "might have" when in fact it is an abstract noun and perfectly correct. So did Churchill pass his A lavel?

Computer says No.

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11 November 2009
Nuclear Power - The Next Generation
The government, with more than a hint of desperation announced yesterday that a new generation of nulear power stations will be built and special arrangements will be made to fast track the plannning process.

After thirty years of dithering, listening to know -nothing scientists and do nothing wierdie-beardies, short-termism and pandering to the profit motive our ruers have finally accepted we ned to build nuclear power stations to ensure supplies of reasonably clean electricity for the future. Some environmentalists will be horrified because they see the nuclear option as a scheme hatched by satan himself. In truth nuclear power is not as dangerous as scaremongers suggest but neither is it as cheap as was once thought. Still, coal and oil as well as being dirty and polluting are finite resources. We have to make alternative arrangements and the science lobby having as uual promised much if limitless sums of money were thrown at them have delivered little other than schemes to reinvent the wheel and crackpot ideas that are likely to do far more damage than the continued use of the fossil fuels coal and oil.

In the end we have no option other than to go nuclear

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10 November 2009
Labour's Orwellian Tendency Out Of The Closet.
In their desperation to establish a police state before they are thrown out of office for a long time the Labour Party today revealed plans to monitor the internet, e-mail and mobile phone activities of all free, law abiding British Citizens. The scheme is the brain Child of Labour's Politically Correect Thought Police

At enormous cost the minutiae of our daily electronic activities will be recorded and stored on a database. Some of us might be up to no good you see, we might be preaching sedition by criticizing government policy, we might be encouraging people to think for themselves, have a good time or even speaking to Conservative and Liberal Democrat supporters.

The supremacy of Labour and their politically correct, multi - cultural, ethnically diverse ideology must be presereved and if this means stipping people of their freedom and right to be individuals then that is a price worth paying.

What is most disturbing is that these plans have been quietly going ahead without debate in Parliament of reporting in the media.

The Daily Stirrer and our predecessors has warned you about the direction in which this government of control freaks was heading many times.

There fact that the project has been put on hold is not the good news it seems. The plan has only been quiesced because of worries that the government's demands were not technically feasible. Nobody in Whitehall is seems was prepared to stand up and tell Ministers their plns were not morally acceptable in a democracy and their justification for this venture into Fascism, that it was necessary to protect the nation from terrorism was about the most lasme excuse for a crime against humanity since Hiltler's claim that in invading Poland and Czechoslovakia, Germany was merely seeking living space.

We will certainly throw Labour out of office in a few months. Now they have shown their true colours we must be sure they are never allowed back.

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10 november 2009
Whistleblower In The White House? Looks like there was more to that shooting at the US Army base in Texas than meets they eye. Fort Hood Jihadist Be interesting to see how this one develops.

9 November 2009
Evolutionary Science Classes In Junior School Could Be A Mistake
A new plan to reform the primary curriculum proposes teaching evolutionary science to kids aged 4 to 11. This article shows how such an approach might be counter productive.

Click link to read the article in a new window:

Evolutionary Science Classes In Junior School

6 November 2009
Economy Of The Living Dead

You've Screamed at Dawn Of The Dead, you've quaked at The Evil Dead, you've shat yourself at The Day Of The Living Dead. Now it's time to move on from zombie movies, they're only make believe. Welcome to the economy of the living dead.

Governments and international bankers keep talking about recovery. Do not believe them, things are getting worse not better. Oh sure, economic activity has picked up a little when measured by the crudest method possible - simply counting the money moving around. What the tame pundits do not tell you while showing off their brightly coloured Powerpoint charts is that the increased activity is mostly down to banks, car makers, house builders and other beneficiaries of taxpayers' largesse simply trousering the handouts being offered them and carrying on with business as usual. Thus the systemic flaws which brought down the system are not being addressed.

If we look at the big idea both in Europe and the USA, Quantitative Easing a.k.a. creating magic money, it has not worked. In spite of the billions pumped into the major economies around the world. The business model for this Quantitative Easing policy involves the central banks. The Bank Of England, The Federal Exchange and others buying back government bonds from commercial banks in the belief that the banks would use the cash the governments paid them to lend to business this allowing companies to start investing again. This has not happened. Instead the banks are using the money governments have given them to buy new issue government bonds at the ridiculously low interest rates now on offer everywhere. They are them lending that money back to the same governments to finance Public Sector Borrowing Requirements swollen by unemployment and falling tax revenues.

Lending to businesses is actually going down rather than up.

On top of that bad news which means all we have done in the past two years is engineer a return to the gambler economics that brought about the fall of the system. There is even worse news though. Some of the minor measures, the cash for clunkers car scrappage allowance schemes will come to an end early in 2010, governments simply cannot afford to extend them any more. Also the temporary reductions in sales taxes introduced by the UK and other governments will end. These factors will depress consumer spending further though governments are so bankrupt of ideas about how to solve the crisis all they have been able to think of is trying to persuade an already heavily indebted public to take on more debt and start spending. This, they fondly believe, will create a consumer led recovery.

One item of slightly better news is that manufacturing output has picked up a little. Here again though we must not get carried along by the hype. Manufacturers had spent eighteen months destocking, at some point they had to start producing again. So the manufacturing upturn while not bad news is carrying a lot of false hope on it's frail shoulders.

Housing, the sector that led us into the bubble economy as falsely inflated asset prices were used for collateral to secure loans is currently looking good. Again though this is an illusion. The housing sector is benefiting from those low interest rates. Sooner or later however, somebody will catch on to the notion that it is bad business to lend out money at 0.5% interest and borrow it back at 2.5%. Then interest rates will go up to more sane levels and a lot of businesses and individuals will find themselves not able to service their debts.

Looked at objectively then, the global economy is dead but it refuses to lie down. But as national economies jerk along in the familiar style of the Hollywood zombie trot there is a more dangerous beast emerging. Have you noticed the price of gold recently? It hit $1090 an ounce this week and does not look like dropping far from that. The figure means all the world currencies have devalued by 10% this year. Part of the reason is that the Chinese hold an estimated $3trillion of American debt and have reportedly stopped accepting payment in dollars of the interest. This means the U.S. government has to buy gold to pay its bills. Because the Chinese have signalled their loss of confidence in the $US other smaller nations have followed.

The result then is that the world is trading in gold. And gold is scarce. As gold gets more expensive the commodities, foods, metals, oil, minerals all become more expensive and inflation sets in...

And once you have been bitten by a zombie you soon become a zombie yourself.

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5 November 2009 Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November

A post for The Daily Stirrer's American Friends

I heard on the news that an American congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, is to confront Sen. Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the U.S. Capitol today and challenge them about the undemocratic way the legislative programme is being managed.

5th November is a significant date. I'm not sure how worried Reid and Pelosi should be about Ms. Bachmann, who looks charming, but if they should see a man dressed in the style of the early 17th century, sporting a goatee beard and speaking with a Spanish accent, they ought to have the Capitol evacuated.

On 5th Nov. 1605, the Gunpowder Plot conspirators led by Thomas Catesby planned to blow up the English Parliament (Great Britain came into being almost a century later) to protest against a new, foreign-born King who was forcing an agenda of radical change on a nation not happy with his ideas. Guido "Guy" Fawkes was the fall guy who had volunteered to hide in the cellars of the Parliament House and light the fuse.

If somebody had not informed The King's agents, history could have turned out very different. Even now, Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated in Britain.

Where are Catesby and his co-conspirators when we need them? Where is our Gunpowder Plot this bonfire night? Not that I'd want them to blow up The Palace of Westminster, as it is a magnificent building, but if somebody would just put a proverbial rocket up the backsides of our pathetic, self-serving politicians, it would help lift the national mood.

Fortunately, here in the UK we have the new Guido Fawkes, the not very anonymous blogger whose Order-Order blog has put details regarding a few very big scandals into the public domain. It was nice to see Guido (a.k.a. Paul Staines) getting a big write up in left-leaning newspaper The Guardian yesterday, even though he does not demur from being described as an extreme right winger.

Despite its left-of-centre stance, The Guardian--founded by the formidable editor C. P. Scott who coined the phrase "comment is free, facts are sacred"--has in the past few years shown an increasing willingness to line up behind the official policy line of the politically correct, pro globalisation, multiculturalism and bureaucratic dictatorship line of the new elite. This is possibly why it is haemorrhaging readers at the moment. Kind of like your own New York Times.

Now that the mainstream press, Guardian included, have abandoned honest, objective journalism in favour of printing partisan drivel in support of a common agenda, New Media types like Guido, who gets about a million and a half visitors per month from a much smaller potential audience in Britain than the USA, have become a shining beacon for the awkward squad and an inspiration for all us bloggers. It encourages independent blog owners like Jeff Schreiber to keep on giving so generously of his time, and it encourages us contributors to get stories out and readers to share posts with friends, links to posts and generally to spread the word. In the war on dissent, it is becoming apparent that we are all on the front line.

To find out more about the modern Guido Fawkes of the blogosphere, you might like to visit Guido Fawkes' blog which, by bringing several scandals into the public domain, has been instrumental in blowing up the hopes of our wretched Labour government. Support your American bloggers, and they can do the same to the Obama administration.

In the meantime, here's a rhyme children recite when burning an effigy of Guy on Bonfire Night:

Remember, remember
The fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot..

Guy Fawkes, guy, t'was his intent
To blow up king and parliament.
Three score barrels were laid below
To prove old England's overthrow.

By God's mercy he was catch'd
With a darkened lantern and burning match.
So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.
Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

And what shall we do with him?
Burn him!

4 November 2009
The Divine Right Of Kings And The Divine Right Of Scientists.

We have Overthrown The Divine Right Of Kings only for it to be replaced by the divine right of experts. Dan Hannan on the rise of government by expert. Now you might not like hannan's position in the political spectrum, I certainly don't but I am old enough and have more than enought life experience to know that my disagreeing with somebody does not necessarily make them wrong.

In this article hannan warns of democratically elected governments becoming tpop reliant on "independent experts" in policy making. In recent days we have seen a prime example of that in the case of drugs advisor Prof. Nutt. The Professor's role in government was to study the medical effects of drugs and sadvise ministers accordingly. his first mistake was to put himself in the hands of statisticians. it is a mistake made by many who like to refer to themselves as scientists of course. Statistics are the lazy scientists cop out. They remove all the human factors from the equation, all the imponderrables. in reducing every problem to mathematics they let the nmber make their decisions for them. And numbers always oversimplify the problem.

Nut has tried to influence government policy by going public with research he claims will show that durgs like cannabis and ecstasy are no more dangerous that alcohol and tobacco. They probably are not but the person who introduced me to cannabis many years ago told me, "With drink it takes a couple to have any effect, a third and you start to notice it, on your fourth you start to feel the full experience, with a joint your first toke hits. It is not quite true, or at least not in my case, but he was on the right lines.

There's the rub you see. With alcohol and users have a level of control not available in other drugs. We can decide how drunk we want to get. Tobacco is much the same in fact I've never really known of anyone who got completely off their face on niccotine.

On top of that, though cannabis and milder amphetamines are not addictive people can easily become obsessed with their drug of choice and that can ruin lives, break up families and lead to health problems.

These are the things politicians must consider when formulating a drug policy. And such considerations defy statistical analysis. Where so much modern science falls apart is in its failure to understand life is not scientific.

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2 November 2009
Never Mix Science and Politics

by fatsally

Government scientific advisor on drugs, Professor Nutt has fallen foul of the trap which awaits all "independent experts" called upon to advise government. In his official capacity he has expresssed a personal view as a proven conclusion even though his evidence for forming that view is very shaky and while backed up by his own and other studies is contradicted by just as many equally well informed views

The idea of governments relying on "independent scientific advisors", experts or consultants as heavily as they do is really what we should question here. Professsor Nutt is entitled to his opinion (which I broadly agree with) as far as it goes. Drugs like cannabis, ecstasy, speed and LSD are no more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. That is not to say they are safe however, alcohol and tobacco are very dangerous if used to excess or even moderately by people who are particularly susceptble to their effects.

The problem with science, particularly much modern science lies in its being a matter of opinion rather than fact. It is abstract, ivory tower stuff that is of little practical value in the real world. On questions like drugs researchers such as Prof. Nutt take a highly focused view of a particular topic, in this case looking at the long and short term effects of using certain drugs on physical and mental health. Politicians however must take into account a much broader spectrum of information. The Daily Stirrer is no fan of politicians but in this case we must defend them.

Decisions on what drugs we use are a question of personal choice or in the view of some people personal morality. In determining the legal status of certain drugs though politicians must think of the effects on personal wellbeing, family, criminal activity, and drains on NHS resources. In the view of most people the government have it entirely wrong on alcohol and tobacco, spending billions on trying to persuade people to give up their drug of choice because these things cause health problems in some people. Ban a drug lke alcohol, widely used and consumed in a sensible and responsible way by most people and a new area of criminal activity is created. The current government of control freaks likes to claim success in its efforts to make smoking an anti social acivity but there is a thriving black market in cigarettes and rolling tobacco. Where I live there is probably a contraband cigarette traded for every on legally sold. The government have no way of including such sales in their statistics nor have they any interest in doing so.

Another aspect of the problem is the increased tendency towards showboating among scientists. Celebrity Science? Britain's Got Science? Can't really see it being big but we live in such bizarre, celebrity obsessed times and scientists, contrary to what they would have us believe, are human like the rest of us. Thus more and more team leaders are running to the press with any headline worthy results from their research rather than just taking a little time to get it in perspective.

Professor Nutt may well be right in his assessment of the dangers of certain drugs. I doubt the families of anybody who had died from drug abuse would agree with him though. So perhaps he would be well advised to stay out of moral issues and stick to his statistics.

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Divine Right Of Kings
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Never Mix Science
and Politics

Even Writers
have to eat

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Novak Djokovic is no victim but Australian government 's political opportunism is disgusting
While the world divides more deeply into two camps over the COVID mRNA vaccines, one of the most shameful incidents of the whole pandemic has been playing out in Australia where the world No 1 tennis player has been subjected to a medieval with hunt over his refusal to accept vaccination. The persecution of Novak Djokovic has been engineered purely because the nation's leaders want to put it at the forefront of the push towards global vaccine tyranny.
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Italy Pondering Total Ban On Unvaccinated In The WorkplacesItaly's unelected governments, which has already faced riots and massive resistance to its authoritarian measures to strip away citizens rights and liberties under cover of pretending their actions are necessary steps to deal with the pandemic, now risks plunging the country into greater chaos by mandating vaccines for the workplace.

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We have menioned the name of the eminent doctore Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. in these pages before. Indeed, Dr. Bhakdi has been one of the most prominent criticts of the "science led" responses to the COVID pandemic from day one and has consistently warned against the mRNA vaccines rolled out around the world, citing the scientifically sound reasons this technique for modifying DNA has in the past been studied and abandoned because of the unpredictable side effects. ... Continue reading >>>

Freak Weather Around The World Begs Questions
With Britain and other parts of northern Europe basking in unseasonably warm temperatures which are forecast to last for a few days, while parts of the USA gring to a halt under a blanket of snow dumped by freak storms are, accoring to climate scarmongers, a signal that irreversible warming had arrived, it is perhaps timely for a hot topic from ten years ago, geoengineering came under the microscope again. This report from Global Intel Hub seems a good way to kick off the debate. ... Continue reading >>>

The Mystery Of Origin Of Omicron
The mystery of the origin of omicron strain of COVID-19 is raising new questions about the still undetermined origin of the coronavirus outbreak and whether it leaked from a Chinese research laboratory in Wuhan in 2019. One common theory about abnormal mutations in the new variant Omicron suggests that it could have appeared from a person with an immunodeficiency after several months of incubation ... Continue reading >>>

A few weeks ago this blog reported a Swedish study which showed that natural immunity provides much better protection against infection by the SARS2-COV virus which causes COVID (COrona VIrus Disease,) than the Pfizer vaccine which is currently hyped as the most effective on the market, though it is no more effective than the others at provinding immunity. The more responsible voices in mainstream media that actually reported the story described by the news as “a bit of a bombshell”. Continue reading >>>

Study Reveals That Unjabbed Are Better Informed Than Jabbed
On the day we reported elsewhere that thousands of Germans had taken to the streets to protest against the latest fascistic measures imposed by their federal government Ulrike Guérot, a German political scientist has effectively shown that the so called vaccination opponents were far better informed on the CoVID vaccine effectiveness and adverse affects than the jabbed ones. Continue reading >>>

Thousands Protest In Germany Ahead Of COVID Measures Set To Go Into Effect Tuesday
Thousands of people took to the streets of Germany on Monday in protest over COVID-19 restrictions that are set to go into effect on Tuesday.The demonstrations were biggest in Mecklenburg, northern Germany, where roughly 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets to protest against tighter measures, according to local reports. In Rostock, a city along the Warnow River on the north coast of the country, roughly 6,500 people demonstrated, while in Schwerin there were roughly 2,700 and in Neubrandenburg, around 2,400 joined a demonstration. Continue reading >>>

Study: At least 400,000 people in America have died from covid “vaccines”

Columbia University researchers have found that the true death count from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” is substantially higher than the official figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC claims that only 20,000 people have died from Fauci Flu injections, but Columbia’s underreporting factor estimates that 20 times that number, or around 400,000 deaths, is far more accurate.

Latest Bill Gates Insanity: Injecting Sulfur Into the Atmosphere Will Cause EnvironmentalDisaster
A study published in November by the University of Pennsylvania exposes the insanity of projects such as spraying particles of sulphur compounds into the stratosphere, self - anointed vaccime messiah Bill Gates' latest scheme to “save” the planet with "geoengineering" According to the mathematical modellers Gates pays hansomely to provide him with "scientific" data to persuade politicians to spend taxpayers money on projects run by companies his "charitable foundation" has invested in. Far from saving the planet this latest idiocy is actually destroying environments. Continue reading >>>

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As Governments Claim: Legal Advocacy Group

Vaccines are less effective effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 that governments have claimed, an analysis of government narratives carried out by a constitutional rights group shows. The report was published Tuesday by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, found that claims made by governments promising vaccination will reduce or stop the spread of COVID-19 are not supported by either medical science or empirical evidence
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Government To Weaponise Welfare Benefits To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
As evidence piles up showing that the COVID vaccines have failed, or at least are nmot what we were told they are, because data shows that the vaccinated rather than being ptotected from infection are actually more vulnerable to COVID, government and Big Pharma are growing more desperate in their efforts to coerce people into getting vaccinated. Continue reading >>>

German Schoolchildren Subjected To 'Ritual Humiliation' Over Their Vaccine Status
December 12<
As this blog has been telling you for a few years now, The Nazis are back in Germany. With these sausage scoffing krauts it's not a case of 'do as we say, not as we do,' but "DO AS WE SAY OR WE WILL MARGINALIZE YOUR KIDS AND FINE YOU INO POVERTY. Only a matter of time until the National Socialist coalition's thugs start kicking door in and dragging those who are not fully vaxxed (two shosts plus all obligatory boosters,) off to internment camps. VACCINE MACHT FRIE.

#211115-doctors"> Why have we doctors been silent? — by Lucie Wilk

AS an NHS hospital doctor, I have had a front-row seat as the drama of the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded. It has been a year and a half of confusion, frustration and anger for me as I’ve watched our profession drawn into complicity with what I anticipate will be regarded as one of the most egregious public health disasters in history. I have watched as ‘the science’ has been presented on the national stage flanked by Union Jack flags as an unassailable truth. For something so apparently inviolable, it seems to shift and change disconcertingly from week to week ...

Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him for Trial

Press freedom groups have warned Assange’s prosecution is a grave threat. The Biden DOJ ignored them, and today won a major victory toward permanently silencing the pioneering transparency activist. In a London courtroom on Friday morning, Julian Assange suffered a devastating blow to his quest for freedom. A two-judge appellate panel of the United Kingdom’s High Court ruled that the U.S.’s request to extradite Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on espionage charges is legally valid.

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TV Show Mysteriously Deletes Poll After Vast Majority Oppose Mandatory Vaccination
A major morning television show in the UK deleted a Twitter poll asking if vaccines should be made mandatory after the results showed that 89% of respondents oppose compulsory shots.Yes, really. ...Continue reading >>>

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A pandemic polemic in verse. The narrative of an unseeable monster that poses and existential threat to humanity is eating the days and years of our lives ...

Why Are Indians So Angry at Bill Gates? The latest backlash against billionaire psychpath and his 'philanthropic' organisation the Gates Foundation from government, media and society in India is the result of long - existing concerns raised by activists about the foundation's cavalier attitude to human rights and civil liberties.

Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in “non-covid deaths,” nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room
Excess mortality in the United Kingdom is off the charts, and yet nobody is willing to call out Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit. Cancer expert and Prof. Carl Heneghan describes the current situation in Great Britain as a “national scandal.” A shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in the U.K. over the past several months, and officials are blaming everything else except the injections. Continue reading >>>

Throughout history there have been sports players who suffered from multiple conditions who have “collapsed” on the field during practice and during live games. However, a recent article from the German newspaper, Berliner Zeitung has highlighted an “unusually large” increase in the number of these collapses recently, leading to much speculation. Continue reading >>>

After a weekend of increasingly violent protests around Europe, similar to the one pictured above in London, against elitist plans to introduce new limitations on freedom, lockdowns and further steps towards compulsory vaccination (with a vaccine that does not immunise against a virus that makes very few people ill,) it is disappointing to see that in the US and UK, mainstream media is still doing its best to ratchet up the fear and panic ... Continue reading >>>

We Told You So - Government-funded Report Confirms World’s Largest offshore Wind Farm is UnprofitableA report commissioned by the Norwegian government has contradicted Boris Johnson’s recent claim that offshore wind costs have fallen by 70% in a decade. The report also blows a huge hole in Johnson's grandiose pledges to the COP26 conference that offshore wind power would propel Britain to its net - zero target for Carbon Dioxide emissions well before 2050, the target set by the climate conference for achieving that target.
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COVID-19 infections are surging in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czechia and Greece, with these countries and others returning to the kind of strict public health measures which have previously failed contain the spread of the 'deadly virus' that only kills people who are over a thousand years old and have dozens of pre - existing, potentially fatal conditions. Austria has gone so far as to enact a nationwide lockdown beginning Monday. 

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The Absurdity Of Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns and Segregating The UnvaxxedAfter reintroducing lockdowns from the beginning of this week in its two regions with the highest rates of COVID cases, Austria today became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full, national lockdown which will start on Monday, November 22. The Austrial government is likely to be quickly joined by neighboring Germany, a statement from Berlin warned [...] Some commentators in Austrian capital Vienna were cynical enough to ask if the whole point of this latest escalation is justify more restrictions
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German Doctors Warn Of Terrible Chistmas, Advise New Lockdowns As Covid Cases Skyrocket
No surprise mayebe that Garman doctors and scientists are recommending more lockdowns and blaming the unvaccinated, these two professions have been the vanguard for global health tyranny for two years now. ...Continue reading >>>

Insulate Britain protesters jailed for defying an high court injunctionAnti-civilisation activists chant 'we are unstoppable, another world is possible', as police officers lead them from the court to the cells.
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The Betrayal Of Humanity By The Corrupt Medical Professions
From day one, back in March 2020 when the pandemic was declared, this blog has been questioning the fake statistics, highlighting the distortion of statistics to serve the scaremongering narratives of the elites and exposing the lies and dishonesty of politicians, sciencetitis (sic) and, surprisingly perhaps if you are of a credulous nature, doctors and the medical professions. ... Continue reading >>>

Austria Days Away From Imposing Lockdown On The "Shameful" Unvaccinated Says Chancellor SchallenbergAustria's globalist Chancellor Schallenborg said today that the government would shortly give the go-ahead for a lockdown of unvaccinated people, to be introduced in the two highest-incidence regions from Monday and possibly also nationwide [...] This would prevent people without proof of full vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 from leaving their homes except for essential reasons.
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Forget The Hype About COP26 Saving The Planet, Here's The Reality
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COP26 Climate Conference - Just Another Elitist Scam To Steal Your Money
If you are one of the people who still relies on mainstream media for information, the 'on - message' news reports coming from the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow this week, and during the build up to the conference, might have convinced you that the entire world (barring a few crazy conspiacy theorists,) is signed up to the 'net zero' agenda and believes that destroying the economies of the developed nations while exporting our jobs, business and prosperity to places like India and China is the only way to save the planet. Continue reading >>>

Algorithms Are No Better At Telling The Future Than Tarot Cards Or A Crystal Ball
According to a new report “An increasing number of businesses are investing in advanced technologies that can help them forecast the future of their workforce and gain a competitive advantage”. Almost every day we see more bollocks being written by supposedly intelligent people who believe that by using things called ‘Data Science’, ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ and ‘Big Data’, machines can already be relied on to make better decisions than humans, and that soon computers will equal or even surpass us in actual intelligence. ... Continue reading >>>

In A Fit Of Honesty Italian Institute Of Health Reduces Official COVID Death Toll By 97%
Italian newspaper Il Tempo has published a shock report, claiming that the country's Institute has reduced the official figure for the number of people who have died from COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000. This may surprise many people who bought into the "killer virus" narrative and unleashed torrents of pure hatred on those of us who declined vaccination, having studied the figure for reported "COVID related deaths," and the methodology used to arrive at that figure ... Continue reading >>>

Climate Hypocrites: 400 Private Jets Fly To Scotland For Save The Planet Climate ConferenceThe elitists currently gathered in Glasgow to yell at us about climate change and how we must all sit and shiver as energy prices go stratospheric or drive pimped up golf trolleys are just total hypocrites. These people who are flying in from all around the world to the COP 26 in their private jets and then motoring from the airport in motorcades of gas-guzzling limousines and SUVs are not here because they are concerned about the future but because they expect to shortly be making billions out of you and me from the new 'green' technologies being promoted as the fourth industrial revolution.
Continue reading >>>

Proof That The Alarmist Claptrap You Are Hearing And Seeing At COP26 Climate Conference Is A Load Of Bollocks
The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places, the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions in the Arctic zone. Expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm ... Continue reading >>>

A newly published study from researchers in Sweden reveals that the immunity to COVID gained from vaccination, is dissipated by natural biological processes within months. Immunity, although it would be more honestly called temporary respite, from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections is short term at best, and completely gone within months, this confirming the doubts raised by vaccine sceptics (or Conspiracy Theorists as mainstream media likes to call us Continue reading >>>

UK Energy Crisis Deepens as prices and demand skyrocket while supplies shrink to critical levels
It is ironic that in the week world leaders and flat faced Swedeish trolls are gathering in Glasgow for an orgy of virtue signalling that will inevitably drive millions of people in the developed world into fuel poverty and result in more industrial jobs being exported from the west to the world’s major produceres of Carbon Dioxide emissions, China and India, the energy crunch that is affecting the whole of Europe is about to hit the United Kingdom extremely hard. ... Continue reading >>>

Green dreams of Heat Pumps Continue reading >>>
When Boris Johnson revealed the UK Government plans for achieving 'net zero' carbon emissions by 2050 it emerged the much teased clean, green replacement for gas boilers as our main source of domestic heating is to be heat pumps. The Daily Stirrer counters the pseudo-scientific bollocks and reveals this 'new technology has been around for a hundred years.

Green dreams of Heat Pumps Continue reading >>>
When Boris Johnson revealed the UK Government plans for achieving 'net zero' carbon emissions by 2050 it emerged the much teased clean, green replacement for gas boilers as our main source of domestic heating is to be heat pumps. The Daily Stirrer counters the pseudo-scientific bollocks and reveals this 'new technology has been around for a hundred years.

Surge in Emergency Hospital Admissions from Vaccinated People Suffering Acute Organ FailureThe USA's taxpayer funded broadcaster National Public Radio (NPR) is claiming to be mystified by a siginficant increase in hospital emergency admissions across the United States but does not find the fact that these medical emergencies are all among people already vaccinated against COVID-19 and also all due to people experiencing symptoms consistent with the acknowledged side effects of the vaccines.
Continue reading >>>

Analyst Reports ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Backlogged in VAERSThe latest episode of “Doctors and Scientists” on CHD.TV, features regular host Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., interviewing Jessica Rose, Ph.D., a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) analyst and computational biologist who specializes in biomathematics and molecular research. OK, I know this publication does not have much time for mathematical modelling, but that is because so much of it is obviously rigged to support propaganda narratives. We will always give an honest scientist a fair hearing even if we do not agree with their contribution to debate.
Continue reading >>>

Goodbye Freedom, Hello Global Governance.
If at any time during the chaos the past eighteen months you have wondered what kind of idiots are running the world and have gleefully trashed economies, disrupted social and commercial life and stripped citizens of their rights and liberties only to bring us, in late October 2021, right back to where we were in late February 2020 when the words pandemic and COVID crept into our consciousness ...Continue reading >>>

SStarmer Outs Himself As More Fascist Than Boris Bonkers or Dementia Joe Biden
The leader of the UK’s official opposition party, Labour, Sir Kier SStarmer after a year of starring in a remake of The Invisible Man has finally decided to let us see who he is. Responding to remarks made by Home Secretary Priti Patel, SStarmer said education authorities should be allowed to use exclusion orders to stop anti-vaccine activists from protesting outside schools ... Continue reading >>>

We need a referendum on net zero to save Britain from the green blob

from The Daily Telegraph
As with membership of the EU, the political elite is imposing a revolution on the public without consent. Does the blob never learn? Voters don’t like being treated like naughty children

Prof. Pilmer Is Going To Piss Off Boris, Biden, Bill Gates, theflat faced Swedish mini9 troll and the rest of the green Nazis
Professor Ian Plimer blew the! whistle on the human driven climate change scam a while ago. Search the web and, of course, you will find plent of left wing websites including some 'fact checkrs' claiming his volcano theory has been debunked. The problem there is that the far left 'Church of Sciencology Cult' likes to rewrite the dictionary in order to make is attempt to discredit anyone who opposes its ideological approach to everything look credible. If you've read Plimer's book you will agree; this is a good summary.

Europe's Energy Crisis Exposes Green Fraud
Vladimir Putin has been celebrating the recent and much reported European energy crisis, knowing that withouout his doing anything, thanks to the obsessive pandrering to Greta Thunberg and the green lobby political leaders ion the UK and EU member states Russia has been handed control of European markets, with the option of manipulating supply chains and prices at the same time. In the meantime the European nations have failed to sufficiently diversify supply.

Anyone Who Fancies A Bet Will Be Put On A Register, Just Like Sex Offenders.
In another signal that Boris Johnson's government has sold out to globalist ambitions and is lurching headlong towards fascism, The Information Commissioner’s Office has announced that as part of their pursuit of a Single View of the Customer (SVoC), they plan to create a database in which all “behavioural data” of people who enjoy a bet ...

Nine Scottish schools tell pupils to pay for lunch via FACIAL RECOGNITION as Scottish Nazi Party normalizes surveillance stateNine Scottish schools chosen to a pilot plan to introduce facial recognition technology for verification of children's school lunch payments, have launched this flagship policy of the governing Scottish Nationalis Party, claiming the system is faster and more hygienic, while failing to respond to critics who have raised the privacy issue posed by such intrusive technology ... Continue reading >>>

Dont Dictate To Us On Human Rights, Justice Secretary Raab Tells EU
Justice Secretary Dominic Raab told the Conservative Party Conference last month Boris Johnson had given him the task of rewriting the The Human Righrs Act when he moved him from the Foreign Office in September’s reshuffle. This week Raab revealed details on how he plans to block interference from Strasbourg in British matters as part of his remit.

Globalist Elites Now Pushing For Lockdowns Save You From Climate Change
Elite globalists are now proposing that lockdowns be imposed to protect us punters from climate change. Did we ask for this? Did we vote for this?

I will get hate mail now': Lord Robert Winston backs professor in trans row saying 'you can't change sex'
After making controversial comments on transgender issues during his appearance on BBC television's Question Time last night, biologist and science broadcasdter Lord Robert Winston said today he fears he will be the subject of hate attacks from trans activists and the 'woke' brigade. Winston, not for the fgirst time, publicly backed a fellow academic scientist who triggered the trans - hate mob last wek by saying people "can't change sex".

No End To The Insanity: Media Now Claims That "Double Jabbed" Brits Who Have Colds Are Suffering From COVID
You might think from the title the media are at last getting the idea that the COVID "clotshot" vaccines are not working if large numbers of double vaccinated people are becoming ill but such common sense went out of fashion years ago. What the propagandists are doing is trying to blame the unvaccinated (purebloods as we now call ourselves,) for infecting immunised people with a virus we don't have ...

Governments' obsession with climate pseudoscience over economically and social viable solutions is leading to disaster
The government's current obsession with pursuing the target of net zero carbon emissions in order to claim the UK leads the world in green wankery is more to do with virtue signalling that governing, but with the complicity of mainstream media, particularly The BBC, climate scaremongering is providing a convenient diversion from this governments abject failure to address and of the very real economic and social problems facing us.

Strictly Come And Be A Fascist Dancing Stooge
Boris Johnson's fascistic demand that contestants on Strictly Come Dancing be vaccinates in the interests of safety (as if the public can catch the virus from an unvaxxed celeb through a television screen,) shows just how far along the road to fascism this authoritarian government has taken the country and how much further they are prepared to go

First Responders: From Heroes To Zeroes
2 October: Those who just one year ago were celebrated are now being vilified. The architects of this drastic rebrand? The ruling elite. In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Saturday that she would call in the National Guard to replace healthcare workers who did not meet Monday’s vaccination deadline.

500K Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccines In The US Alone

from Great Game India

As of Sept. 27, 2021 there were 569,294 adverse event reports associated with COVID-19 vaccination in the U.S., according to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

September 2021

Deaths among Teenagers have increased by 47% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine according to official ONS data
Shock news as ONS official figures for 2020 show teenage deaths in the UK were up almost 150percent against corrsponsing period in 2019. Just one of the many social costs of the governmen's over-the-top pandemic response NOT reported by mainstream media.

Boris’ Government Trying To Bypass Parliament, Introduce Vaccine Passports By Back Door
We warned you this authoritarian government would not let the idea of vaccine passports go and here they are, reported by Summit News (well you didn't expect to see it in mainstream media did you?} tyring to bring in their wretched "Papers Please" legislation by the back door.

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It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.

Covid Vaccine Fascism
Greenteeth Digital Publishing catalogue of posts on the covid pandemic authoritrariansm propaganda and pushbacks. Find posts on the authoritarian acts of government, the lies of Big Pharma vaccine makers and the protests and pushbacks from the people whose resistance is not being reported in mainstream media

Ivermectin? Neigh problem. US Food and Drung Agency Lists 'Horse Drug' As Approved COVID Treatment
After banning the use of anti - parasitic, anti - inflammatory drug Ivermecting for use in the economically developed nations because it was a "horse drug" the US Food and Drug administration has now approved another horse drug. The difference? Ivermectin is a more efficient and cheaper alternative to vacccines, dexamethasone is only effective against those seriously ill with COVID. Or to put the case bluntly, it may cover up evidence that the vaccines are failing as more double vaccinated people than unvaccinated are falling sick with COVID.

Have You Committed Your Three Thought Crimes Today?
You're a criminal. So am I. We all are, according to some legal experts there are now so many crimes, a lot of them loosely defined, it is impossible to get through the day without committing at least three crimes. In fac it is often the case that by obeying one law you are breaking another.

Vaccine shocker From Germany: "Out of ten autopsies, five deaths would be “very probably” linked to vaccines
A shocking report from respected German scientists claims out of 10 autopsies carried out on people who tested positive for COVID, five of the deaths were somehow linked to vaccines and the many observed side effects that occur soon after beople have been injected with COVID vaccine.

UK School staff receive threats of violence amid anti-vaccination campaign

Government plans to push their dodgy vaccines onto schoolchildren are meeting opposition. On the back of scientific studies showing children are at zero risk from cOVID and do not spread the virus parents, and citizens concerned at this fascistic coercion of citizens to accept an experimental medication are reacting in the only way they can.

Are Vaccines The New Messiah Or Are They Bollocks?
Throughout the pandemic of 2020 .21 we have been encouraged by a carefully constructed narrative to believe vaccines will be our messiah and only compliance with government diktat can save us from the kiler virus. But is it all bollocks?

"F**K The Jab, Long Live Australia" - 20,000 Shut Down Melbourne Highway In Massive Lockdown Protest
Anti-lockdown protests have become commonplace in Australia since the latest round of "snap" lockdowns began two months ago although you wouldn't think so if you rely on mainstream media for information about what's going on in this increasingly insane world. Newspapers and broadcast news channels have almost totally blanked stories reporting the pushback against the Australian government's increasingly authoritarian measures

he cultural elite says our new culture secretary is uncultured, yet I’d wager she’s the first best-selling author to hold the job, and the only one I know of to have eaten an ostrich anus on TV, which sounds positively French. The appointment of Nadine Dorries – an outspoken former nurse, businesswoman and star of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – is not a two fingers up to the culture industry but the direction of travel. That’s what so terrifies the gatekeepers.

How many more young lives will be sacrificed on Gates’s vaccine altar?
It’s remarkable that the man who has become the unelected global health czar and population control advocate is not being questioned on his past more closely. Though we are living through a crisis predicted by Gates and a response triggered and bankrolled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which are driving us towards a vaccination and biometric ID solution which Gates has been working on for years, he’s still regarded as a benign philanthropist.

19 September 2021: India State of 241 MILLION People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin over Vaccines
The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has the equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been declared COVID-free, the state government announced last week. There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 241 million people.

18 September 2021: New Anti - Vaccine protest in London as double vaccinated people continue to get sick with COVID
Thousands of Anti-vaccine protesters marched from Camden to Downing Street in central London this afternoon, calling on the government to scrap plans to present Covid jab to youngsters.Police in riot gear dispersed protesters after purple paint bombs were thrown over the black ironwork of the gates of Downing Street.

France: Thousands of Health Workers Who Refused Covid Vaccine Mandate Suspended
17 September 2021: The French government have today suspended 3,000 health workers who have defied a manadte requiring all medical personnel to be vaccinated against COVI|D, The Guardian reports. Announcing the move France’s health minister said that many have since agreed to be inoculated now that they had seen “the mandate was a reality”. This of course violates the workers human rights under the Geneva Convention as well as about a million French civil and employment rights laws.

Italy Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine Passports For All Private Sector Workers
17 September 2021: Italys undemocratically appointed left wing government, acting no doubt on ordrrs from the EU which appointed the governing hotch - potch coalition yesterday (16 September) approved new and restrictive rules using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excise for this lurch towards fascism. The new rules which are aning the strictest in the world, in the world mandate that all private and public sector employees get the vaccine and show proof of vaccination,

Leaked Zoom Video Exposes Hospital Officials Discussing COVID-19 Scare Tactics
16 September 2021: A leaked Zoom conference reveals a doctor questioning how to increase the count of COVID-19 patient numbers on the hospital’s dashboard report.National File and other local media outlets that reported on the leak identified the people in the video as Mary Kathryn Rudyk, a physician at the medical center, who is asking Carolyn Fisher, the hospital’s director of marketing, how to inflate the number of people classified as COVID-19 patients for the purpose of generating fear in the unvaccinated.

10 September 2021: The Left is lying to itself, it needs limited migration as much as the Right does.

When Santiago Abascal, leader of Spanish right-wing party Vox, delivered a press conference on the 30th August, it did not take long for perhaps the most controversial part of his speech to be put into bite-sized form. Europe does not have moral duty to welcome or accept every Afghan or African who seeks to enter.

Has Biden's Afghan Surrender Handed The Future To China
5 September: The abrupt and ill - considered withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan ordered by President Joe (Dementia Man) Biden and the susequent return to power of Islamic fundamentalist The Taliban hands control of the vast Afghan litium reserves to China and is a blow to the green agenda of the G7 nations

Why All The Fuss About Ivermectin?
First hydroxychloroquine, now ivermectin, is the hated deadly drug de jour, castigated by the medical establishment and regulatory authorities. Both drugs have been around for a long time as FDA-approved prescription medications. Yet now we are told they are as deadly as arsenic.

As a physician, I am certainly aware of ivermectin but don’t recall ever writing a prescription for it in my 30+ years’ medical career.

The Illusion Of Stability, The Inevitability Of Collapse

Imagine being at a party celebrating the vast wealth generated in the last ten months in stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate and just about every other asset class. The lights flicker briefly but the host assures the crowd the generator powering the party is working perfectly. Being a skeptic, you slip out on the excuse of bringing in more champagne and pay a visit to the generator room. To your horror, you find the entire arrangement held together with duct tape

The Orwellian Vaccine Passport Agenda Relies On The Lie Of The "Social Contract"
There is a fundamental question that needs to be asked when examining the vaccine passport issue, and what I find is that almost no one in the mainstream is tackling it directly. The question is this: "Is it legally and morally acceptable to constrict the rights and economic access of people in order to force them to submit to an experimental “vaccine”, or any other medical procedure for that matter?"

Johnson’s Proposed National Insurance Hike Threatens Jobs And Recovery
The prime minister has been warned by The Confederation Of British Industry and other groups and campaigners representing various areas of the national economy that job creation and young workers will bear the brunt of what is essentially a stealth tax affecting 25m people.

Thousands Protests Against Covid Vaccine Passports In London
Unreported by mainstream media as in previous months, crowds numbering tens of thousands gathered in London on the last weekend of the month to protest agains the government's plans to introduce vaccine passports next month.

August 2021

Hundreds arrested during anti-lockdown protests in Australia
31 August: Throughout the pandemic of fear one of the big surprises has been the way Australians, known for being a nation of independent minded, outspoken, awkward bastarts have meekly accepted some of the most opressive restrictions on personal freedom and civil liberties, but it seems things may be changing as the Aussies say "enough".

July 2021

Populist Politicians Threaten Legal Action Against Proposed Covid Passports
Spanish populist party VOX has threatened legal action against the Madrid government if the ruling coalition implements a so-called health passport scheme that would require proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test to enter certain businesses. The leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, stated this week, that if the Madrid government wanted to introduce a health pass he and VOX would take the matter to court.

E U Central Bank Digital Currency Is The Death Rattle Of A Failed Experiment

The announcement from the European Central Bank (ECB) that is is to intrduce an official European Union digital currency spells the end of the European Single Currency experiment and with it the ambition of "ever closer union until the EU's member states were merged into a single political entity Digital Currencies might not quite be Ponzi schemes but on appearances the difference can be compared to that between a horse and a pony.

Entire vaccine theory OBLITERATED as Biden promises you can’t catch Covid if you get the vaccinationIf the Covid vaccines really work, then everyone who gets them should not ever be worried about catching it from anyone who doesn’t get the jab. The installed fake president Joe Biden said, “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.” So if vaccines protect you 100 percent, why does it matter if others around you aren’t vaccinated? The claim that unvaccinated people are somehow a risk to the vaccinated just got obliterated.

Blood doctor releases findings showing Moderna’s mRNA Covid vaccines change red blood cells
27 July: it’s time to become your own “medical investigator,” because these vaccine manufacturers and regulatory agencies do not have our best interest in mind. Would you like to know exactly what the mRNA vaccines do to your blood that’s far more dangerous than the Covid-19 virus or any of its variants? You don’t have to be a mechanic to learn and understand how dirty oil can ruin a motor, and you don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to understand how mRNA Covid vaccines are changing red blood cells to make them stick together.

First They Came For The Unvaccinated And I Did Not Speak Out
Authorities in Germany have indicated that unvaccinated people could be banned from cinemas and restaurants and that those who have taken the jab will have “more freedom.” Angela Merkel’s chief of staff Helge Braun told Bild that if cases keep rising, new rules will be brought in that will ensure the unvaccinated are deprived of basic lifestyle activities.

July 28: Scamdemic! Leaked Data Shows Over Half of UK ‘COVID Hospitalizations’ Tested AFTER Admission
NHS figures exclusively provided to The Telegraph allegedly show patients counted as COVID-positive by the British government were originally admitted to the hospital for separate ailments.No wonder the UK requires a COVID test to everyone admitted to hospitals, they’re trying to pump up the numbers!

Grooming & Abuse: Story of teenage girl raped, forced into child marriage and then abandoned by system
July 29: A report commissioned after nine men were jailed over the sexual exploitation of girls who had been in council care in Bradford revealed that a girl victim of grooming and sexual abuse at the hands of one of the notorious gangs of Muslim mem who targeted such vulnerable young girls in Bradford and the surrounding areas. The victim, while sill a child, was raped by multiple men, physically abused and forced into an Islamic marriage against her will.

Scamdemic! Leaked Data Shows Over Half of UK ‘COVID Hospitalizations’ Tested AFTER Admission Proving the COVID “pandemic” to be a total scam, leaked data out of the UK shows 56% of alleged COVID hospitalizations were people who tested positive after going to the hospital for a different health issue.

NHS figures exclusively provided to The Telegraph claim to show patients counted as COVID-positive by the British government were originally admitted to the hospital for separate ailments.

Scientists want to insert ‘their mark’, be called ‘your creator’ and ‘own you’
We’ve said it before and we’ll no doubt say it again, scientists are dangerous. Ranging from the downright stupid (climate scientists, to the unashamedly neo – Nazi (cOVID vaccines eugenicists) to the criminally psychopathic (the transgender mob who believe their irresponsible tinkering with the human genome will create a race of superbeings.

First They Came For The Unvaccinated And I Did Not Speak Out
Authorities in Germany have indicated that unvaccinated people could be banned from cinemas and restaurants and that those who have taken the jab will have “more freedom.”
Angela Merkel’s chief of staff Helge Braun told Bild that if cases keep rising, new rules will be brought in that will ensure the unvaccinated are deprived of basic lifestyle activities.“The number of new infections is increasing even faster than in the previous waves. That worries me very much,” said Braun.

London Freedom Rally:Tens Of Thousands In Trafalgar Square To Protest Against Covid Passports
As the UK government stepts up its push to introduce vaccines passport which would exclude unvaccinated people from many basic, everyday activities, huge crowds gathered in London and other UK cities to protest against lockdowns, track and trace apps, coercive measures to force unwilling people to accept experimental vaccines, mask mandates, social distancing and all the other oppressive and fascistic measures imposed by Boris Johnson’s authoritarian government

France: Thousands Protest Against Vaccine Passports and Mandatory Vaccination
July 21, Reports of numerous protests, with the total number involved estimated at over 1 million, took place across France on Saturday. They were protesting against authoritarian policies of forcing vaccination of health workers as a prelude to mandate the vaccination of all citizens and residents and requiring a COVID-19 free certificate, colloquially known as a “vaccine passport” to enter places such as sports stadia, theatres, restaurants, cinemas. and even shopping malls.

Doctors and Scientists Warn Of Covid Vaccine Dangers Government And Big Pharma Corporations Are covering Up
The vast majority of people who are getting injected for Covid-19 will die within a few short years from heartfailure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada. In one of his latest updates, Dr. Hoffe explains that he is observing in patients who took an mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that their capillaries are now plugging up, which he says will eventually lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

So Much For "Freedom Day": UK Health Authorities Bar Unvaccinated Patrons From Nightclubs Thousands of young Britons celebrated "Freedom Day" by piling into nightclubs that had been closed for nearly a year-and-a-half, indulging in the kind of nightlife activities they once took for granted. Unfortunately for those who haven't been "fully vaccinated", the UK's vaccine's minister Nadhim Zahawi said Monday that a negative coronavirus test will "no longer be sufficient" proof that a person is COVID safe.

Zahawi said a negative coronavirus test would soon "no longer be sufficient" proof that a person was COVID-safe, and instead they urged nightclubs and other businesses to use the NHS COVID pass, which contains their vaccination status. Public health authorities will be monitoring to see how many businesses voluntarily follow this 'recommendation'. Over the next few weeks, "we will be keeping a close watch on how it is used by venues and reserve the right to mandate if necessary."

But pretty soon, providing proof of vaccination status might be a requirement in the UK,

The EU is its own worst enemy

2 July 2021: If the European Union wants to achieve its goal of 'ever closer Union', along with continued border expansion, then it's time Brussels re-evaluated its strategy. The behaviour and approach in recent years has done nothing but tarnish the EU's reputation and make it perfectly clear to all neighbouring countries this is not a community you want to be part of if you do not want to be tied to Brussels for decades to come, argues Jayne Adye, Director of Get Britain Out.

"Panic Porn Passed Off As Science" As The Delta Variant Scare Used To Prolong Pandemic Misery

1 July 2021: Mainstram media was in meltdown today as the scaremonger in chief, sponsor of biological weapons development, liar, fraud, fake scientist and general cunt Dr. Anthony Fauci's warnings about the supposedly "dire threat" posed by the Delta variant of the SARS-COV2 virus which causes COVID-19 continues to be dramatically amplified by the news media in most democratic nations .

Sacked by the NHS – a Doctor with the courage to say No to vaccines
A GP who resigned his ‘job for life’ as a partner with a Hampshire practice because of his doubts about Covid-19 vaccines has been suspended by NHS England for questioning coronavirus protocol. Dr Sam White received a letter on Friday informing him that he was suspended with immediate effect, which stops him practising as a doctor within the NHS. On Saturday he was telephoned by a senior clinical adviser to NHS England, who condescendingly called him ‘poppet’.

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