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Labour's bacon Sandwich Fail Show They Are Unfit To Govern Some people might think Boggart Blog has the same style of rabid hatred for all Labour politicians and Labour supporters and lefties reserve for Michael Gove. [ ... ] Take for your example the infamous bacon sandwich incident on the day before the European elections. Warned that Labour were losing votes to UKIP because working class people felt the party was elitist and out of touch, some out of touch elitist in the Labour Public Relations team decided Ed, who is not religious but is Jewish all the same, should be pictured eating a working class breakfast, a bacon sandwich.
Humour, satire

We Were Right About The Large Hardon Collider
Some of Boggart Blog's more scientifically minded readers used to get a bit tetchy when we blogged about the experiments carried on at the particle accelerator at CERN or "The Large Hardon Collider," as we called it. Science fans never like anyone ...

Doctors may withhold treatment from patients with "green lifestyle issues."
A few weeks ago an item on the BMA's website linked to the "Doctors against climate change" group of the doctors' trade union. This body of medico-environmental socialist - utopians stated ...
Government Intelligence A Contradiction In Terms
We learned today that HMRC is to target electricians for unpaid tax.Our sources in Whitehall say the taxman is using "a variety of intelligence sources" to target electricians who have not declared their full income. Now bearing in mind that HMRC (Her Majesty's Rrevenue and Customs are the same people who recently spent £8 million trying to recover ...

Not Qualified To Press A Button
Janice Woodward spent 75 minutes trapped with her granddaughter in a lift at her local ASDA store at Portland, Dorset, after health and safety rules stopped staff pushing a button to rescue them according to ...

Drivers Cool About Electric Cars
Have you purchased your new, clean, green, politically correct, all electric car yet? No? I thought not. Neither have I. It is not so much that I hate the enviroment or that I do not want to support the fabulous clean, green, sustainable job creating indistries fabulous, clean, green Dave has promised us will ...

HMS Politically Correct - The New Navy
As tensions rise one again the the Persian Gulf and America prepares to use it's proxies, Israel, France and Britain to kick off a war with Iran the Royal Navy is preparing to deploy it's Type 45 Destroyers in the area to ...

Another French Hopeful With His Foot In His Mouth
To a delirious crowd of around 20,000, M. Hollande, the Socialist candidate cited The Bard of Stratford on Avon as he promised to cast off the ennui of the Nicolas Sarkozy era with a new wave of egalitarian idealism. In dismisssing Sarko as sans balls, sans brains and sans achievements Mr Hollande told the crowd, was best summed up by Shakespeare's great words: "They failed because they did not start with a dream." ...

Mrs Obama and the most expensive knickers in the world. The Currant Bun las week was full of news and comment about Mrs Obama going on a spending spreed in sexy undies shop Agent Provocateur that ended up with her spending £32,000 ($50,000) on sexy knickers. In one way this is hrad to believe. Why would the first lady lash out on ... [ more comedy and satire posts ]

The Lard Hadron Collider
As excitements grows in the scientific community about the imminent announcement from the Large Hadron Collider team at CERN about how they have nearly found something interesting, Xavier Connolly explains why the whole thing is just a science a scam.

Drivers Cool About Electric Cars
Have you purchased your new, clean, green, politically correct, all electric car yet? No? I thought not. Neither have I. It is not so much that I hate the enviroment or that I do not want to support the fabulous clean, green, sustainable job creating indistries fabulous, clean, green Dave has promised us will ...

Not Qualified To Press A Button
Janice Woodward spent 75 minutes trapped with her granddaughter in a lift at her local ASDA store at Portland, Dorset, after health and safety rules stopped staff pushing a button to rescue them according to ...

New Toilet Computer Game Will Really Piss People Off
Digital games colsole and game maker Sega is hoping to make a spash by nstalling video games in men's toilets. It could only happen in Japan of course: the firm is planning to install game consoles called "Toylets" at urinals for men in bars around ...

Take your Ugg boots and stick them so far up your ...
The smammers are still busy in spite of all Google's inept and ineffectual attempts to stop them. In one way it is satisfying to know everything that bunch of incompetent semi autistic idiots do to try to stomp on comment spam actually rewards ...

GCSE Skydiving? And They Call It Education?
It's good to see the education system have decided to stop making exams as easy as falling off a wall. At least is the conclusion one might draw from the fact that a new exam introduced by the WJEC exam board will require candidate to jump out of a plane ...
Are Feminists More Evil Than Nazis
A campaign by feiminists and lefties to get t shirts will slightly sexist slogans withdrawn from sale shows how authoritarian the progressive left are prepared to be in imposing their warped moral values on everybody.

There Are Some Very Weird People Out There
A list of the strangest items left behind in bedrooms by guests at
hotels in the Travelodge budgret hotel chain is mind boggling. One has to wonder what sort of freaky things these people had been getting up to.

Another grim Year For Everything
Mainstream media are getting their knickers in a twist this morning over gloomy reports from the retail industry. Predictions of "The death of the High Street" abound. All in all it conjures up images of desterted town centre streets lined with ...

Scientists Are Cupid Stunts: Here's The Scientific Evidence
Scientists complaing Christmas Card illustrations are unscientific? They're having a laugh aren't they? Well no, scientists have no sense of humour, the cupid stunts are deadly serious ...

When Will Egypt Get True Democracy
Egypt, liberated from decades of tyranny last March held it's first democratic elections for decades last weekend. The result will not be known for some time and predictions of ...

We Might As Well Ask The CRU climate scientists to forcast the economic trends
As our finance expert John de Roe digests today's economic statement by Chancellor George Osborne we advise readers to ignore gloomy economic forecasts from supra national bodies with close political ties to the "New World Order". Both the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and the OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) along with numerous other thinky tanky type thingies published their latest economic forecasts ahead of the Chancellors statement. These forecasts which are invariably gloomy and predict ...

Don't Eat All The Pies - You Could Be Chewing On A Nasty Surprise by Ian Thorpe.
Celebrity Chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall says has no objevction to the idea of eating a puppy. You might recoil from the idea but do you know what is in restaurant, take away or prepared food?

Blackberry Crumble but Offer A RIMjob
If you are a progressive, web enabled, aspirational, upwardly moblile, high-tech, multi-gadget user who has long ago abandoned the idea of thinking for yourself as "so last century" and thus rely on your collection of electronic gizmos for career related activities, socal life and ...

Vegemite Of Mass Destruction
Vegemite is to Australians as Marmite is the the British and guns are to Americans. Kevin Rudd, the Australian foreign minister, had to do some fast talkingh to get himself out of an unschedled trip to ...

How To Look Good Naked Gok Wan Outed
Normally the slightest glimpse of the unber-irritant Gok Wan makes me turn into my hero Father Jack from Father Ted and throw something at my TV set as I yell, "Feck, who put that ...

Mozart Myth Exposed - Classical Music Does Not Make Brighter Babies
One of the great science myths of the past two decades was that playing Mozart to an unborn child would produce a more intelligent adult. When respecable science journals published this research thousand of women stuck speakers to their bellies with gaffer tale and started blasting in the 40th Symphony etc. Sadly the finding has now been exposed as a myth. Brit Speak - the battle for our language
Americans get quite tetchy when pompous Brits accuse them of mutilating the language, so it’s understandable that we are a tad impatient when an American starts to criticise our slang and colloquial expressions.

Tapping The Admiral
A national hero, a sex scandal, infidelity, social climing, hypocrisy snobbery, a war and some horrid history. What more could a reader ask for? This story of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton will raise eyebrows. The details of Horatio and Emma’s love affair are not wholly ...

Cornish Pasty Wars
There be grumblings down in the west country, ooh - arrr. They ig'rant Dev'ners is trying to say they'm inventing t' Corrrrnish Pasty an' Corrrrnwall stoleded it of'n un."

The controversy arises from a discovery made in the audit book of a 16th century Devonian housekeeper who had written ...

Dolphins Don't Drink You learn something every day. Yesterday, tucked up in bed with my cold and daytime TV I learned that Dolphins don't drink. Not "don't drink" in the sense of avoiding alcohol but don't drink full stop.

There are various theories as to why. Some zoologists say it is ...
Read more Animal humour at Animal related posts

Supermarkets To Offer Love For Sale - With Loyalty Points Sex workers in supermarkets, red light areas in the mall. Why not, it's the only area of business the corporate retail gians have not taken over yet. Wonderful, wonderful Schadenfreude
To be honest I was pissed off about the rioting, if there is one thing it's had to find any amusement in, it is people losing their homes, possessions and even being physically injured.
Then a former colleague, another northerner who spent a lot of ...

Monty Python Joins Government's Lifestyle Police
For people expecting a little sanity in government, the coalition have been a great disappointment. For those of us who appreciate the absurdity of the human condition the ConDemnation government go from strength to strength ... read all

Midsomer Gang Wars The Politically Correct Thought Police have the fictional coppers of Midsomer Murders in their sights. They say there are no ethnic minority members in the cast. So while most of us ordinary punters are fine with prople from Africa, the Caribbean Asia and the Indian Sub Continent we have yet another reason to hate politically correct lefties ... read full item

Suicide Dolphins(Humour)
Amongst the numbers of missing and unaccounted for in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita are a number of fully armed combat dolphins who are trained to carry out missions behind enemy lines. Such Dolphins are not expected to return from their assignments but be happy to lay down their lives in the service of their country.

Nanny State's Thought Police Are Coming To A Restaurant Near You
No matter what party rules it seems nothing can stop the march of Nanny State and her Politically Correct Thought Police as they lead us towards an Orwellian dystopia. Nanny's latest target it seems is restaurants where we will soon not be able to sit down to a meal without her admonishing finger wagging under our noses.

Rolf Paints The Queen.
Find uot from Boggart Blog's unseen reporter what happened when artist, music maker and professional Australian Rolf Harris was invited to pain a portrait of the queen.
Dance Me To The End Of Sanity
A team of scientists have found that men who are good at dancing have the most sex appeal.

That scientists can be so arse - brained as to carry out such a pointless survey should astound nobody. That scientists can draw such an arse - brained conclusion makes one wonder if the Intelligent Design people might be onto something after all, because the study was inspired by one of Darwin's ....Read all

The Grey and White Peril Coming To Your Backyard
A new hazard threatens the peace and security of the Nimby's who so recently fled the social chaos of the urban jungle to seek a better quality of life in the country. These people are now clamouring to get back into loft apartments cocooned safely in the regeneration areas of the city centres as nature red in tooth and claw conspires to drive them to ...Read all
Cup - Bearer to the Celebs
Mariah Carey would have us believe that she is a regular sort of girl who does not mind getting her hands dirty and not the egomaniacal diva some sections of the media suggest.
So what does a regular sort of girl do when she goes into Starbucks? Well if she is in any way at all regular she does not take her cup-bearer along ... Read all
Education, Education, Edu - Show me the money
Forgive me for feeling like a smug bastard but once again I have been proved years ahead of the mainstream in my thinking. A friend remind me of a conversation we had years ago when, after the unfortunate death of John Smith we were discussing the prospects of the new Labour Leader.
Amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth we held up silver crucifixes, chewed garlic and ...Read all

Chip and Pin on my shoulder
Went Christmas (oops, sorry - I mean "Wintermas," got to be P.C. - shopping today. Every shop I went in the chip and pin system was not running. Now I recall earlier this year getting lots of mail from my bank about how great the chip and pin system was and yet, far from having teething problems like any other baby, it seems to have been born without a head
The Chronicles of Nadia?
On seeing the schedule of new film releases for this week I had a panic attack. "Oh no," I screamed, "some idiot has made a film about that noisy transsexual from Big Brother, the one with the stupendously unreal breasts. But the reality was worse, I had read Nadia for Narnia; someone has made a film about those stupendously boring ... Read all
Last of the Summer Whine
We hear that some curmudgeonly folk have been writing to the dear old Beeb complaining that Last Of The Summer Wine is past its sell by date. How dare they!
Must all be New Labourites of course, as Blair's shoddy, money grubbing government shuts care homes in order to finance tax credits for ...Read all

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