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Afer EU Engineered Hiatus Italy Heading For New Elections?

Matteo Salvini's Lega are by far the most popular political party in Italy and have been for some time, only a stitch up engineered by the Brussels bureaucracy has kept them out of power. But Brussels determination to prevent any Eurosceptic party becoming part of a governing coalition in any member state reveals the true, authoritarian nature of the European Union.

Afer EU Engineered Hiatus Italy Heading For New Elections?

After a few difficult days for a news site, with news dominated by the Trump impeachment (of little interest to readers outside the USA and none at all to people living in than country,) little Greta Thunberg at Davos, BREXI and the Labour leadership election the ongoing comic soap opear that is Italian politics has come to our rescue.

What happens next in Italy has a key role in the grand dreams of The Davosocracy and European Union federalist, led by newly sworn in EU Commission president Ursula von Leyen, French President Emmanuel Macron and floundering German chancellor Angela Merkel. The grand plan is of course to first buil;d a case, unsing fear of climate catastrophe to ovrcome dissent, to establish a global government, so if Italy's populist party Lega defeats the EU brokered coalition of PD (Democratic Party) and Five Star Movement, and carries out bhis threat to lead Italy out of the EU in the wake of Brexit, with Poland preparing to start exit proceedings, Netherlands, Denmak and spain wavering and France headinf for civil war as Macron sets his government against the people the whole plan will fall apart. So politically Italy at this moment is vitally important to the future of the world.

And given that the annual mutual masturbation session of those wannabe Galactic Imperalists (with Greta Thunberg pitching for the role of Emperor Palpatine,) took place in Davos last week and the self - righteous posturings of the private jet owners club have significantly beein ignored by China, Russia, India and other emergent economic powers.

Since the collapse of the populist government of Lega and Five Star in August when Lega’s Matteo Salvini, the de facto leader of Italy tried to force a new election that he would have won in a walk, the situation in Rome has been tense, to say the least.

Faced with an anti EU party and its leader dominating a large population member state, the EU showed its respect for democracy, as it has when previously denying the right of democratically elected governments in Spain, Belgium, Greece and Portugal to govern the people who elected them, by brokering a deal between the pro - Brussels Democrats and Eurosceptic Five Star, an arrangement which involved ousting Five Star leader Luigi di Maio and persuading the party managers to sell out voters who had voted for a left of centre, Eurosceptic party.

Five Star betrayed Salvini to stay in power but by cutting a deal with Brussels betrayed voters because Five Star’s main platform was its commitment to opposing the further surrender of Italian national sovereignty to Brussels and the European Union.

He betrayed the traditional centre left in Italy, voters who had abandoned the Democrats because PD had taken for their support for granted as they joind the globalist rush towards a federal European superstate over the past few decades.

In the same way as the US Democrats took the votes of blue collar workers in the 'rust belt' for granted and The Labour Party in the U.K. took the working class vote for granted, believing such voters were too stupid and ignorant to realise the parties they traditionally supported had abandoned them and fallen into the hands of left wing intellectuals, PD left hard working Italians who were content to make ends meen between paydays behind in their pursuit of the Cultural Marxist ambitions of the academic and managerial classes.

Speaking for the abandoned people was Five Star’s appeal that took them as high as 35% in polling ahead of the March 2018 election. President Sergio Mattarella dissolved parliament early that year to forestall an even bigger rise in the polls of both populist parties, Five Star and Lega.

When Five Star betrayed Salvini last year most pundits predicted the new government wouldn’t last as Five Star assembly members defected to Salvini's nationalists. It happened exactly as predicted, Five Star’s polling numbers plummeted, Lega gained strength and the coalition was hijacked by Italy’s old political establishment, now happy to be back in control.

Unfortunately for them they are not in control. As more Five Star members quit the coalition has lost its majority, and latest polls suggest Lega could win an overall majority in an election, but failing that, with other right wing parties Forza Italia and Brothers of Italy could form a secure Eurosceptic government.

Italy, Tecnè poll:

LEGA-ID: 32%
PD-S&D: 20%
M5S-NI: 15%
FdI-ECR: 11%
FI-EPP: 8%

Di Maio is now in the same position that another reformer turned toady was in after he betrayed his country in 2015, Greece’s Alexis Tsipras whose Syriza party was forced into a coalition with a pro - EU party by Brussels. Tsipras then had absolutely disastrous austerity policies forced on him as Brussels protected the big European Banks and disregarded the wellbeing of the Greek people, many of whom were plunged into penury.

To remind everyone, Tsipras is now out of a job and one of the most hated people in Greece. So complete was his sell out of the Greek people, he ushered back into power a center-right government in July.

Today Di Maio is no longer head of Five Star. The party is in turmoil. He’s staying on as Foreign Minister because he’s sold out his country and his party. His job is complete and when Salvini returns to power without him Five Star, like Spain's Podemos which also betrayed its supporters when leaders made a deal with a pro - Brussels party will sink into irrelevance.

It is flirting with the dreaded 16% Chasm which, once breached is a sign the public has moved on.

In regional elections held in October, Salvini’s center-right coalition scored a crushing victory in former leftist stronghold, Umbria. Another stronghold of the left Emilia Romagna holds elections to its regional government today, with Five Star polling around 5%. not enough to winn a single seat in the regional government, the other groupings, left and right are neck and neck. The question is will the same surprise surge as carried the 2016 US election for Trump and the EU Referendum for the Brexit campaign snatch Italy from the clutches of globalism.

If Salvini can win there the pressure will mount on Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to dissolve the government. But Conte, recently caught in a hot mic moment promising German Hausfrau - Fuhrer Angela Merkel he’ll deliver Italy, lock, stock and barrel into the hands of the Brussels bureaucratic dictatorship, will try to cling to power for as long as he can.

Will voter in Italy continue to vent their rage and frustration on tone-deaf elites as they have recently in Britain, Spain and in German regional elections or will they let tradition rule them.? If December’s British vote was a gague of the level of disillusionment with the ruling elite's globalist policies in Europe, and throughout the developed world, Italy could face another General Election by the end of February, with the likely outcome being the election of a government committed to Quitaly.

This is why Italy’s political opera - bouffé is no longer a side show but the Pyramid Stage act in the collapse of the European Union festival.

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