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Ukraine, Russia and the Petrodollar

There are many things going on that do not get reported by mainstream print and broadcast news, or as best are reported only in the most biased and establishment friendly way. Greenteeth and The Daily Stirrer try to bring readers a 360 degree view of news stories and issues, particularly in relation to the push by certain western governments, financiers and corporate leaders towards a global totalitarian government system.

If you followed the crisis in Ukraine from february 2014 in mainstream media, it will seem that the conflict was about the USA and EU supporting brave freedom fighters who wanted to overthrow a corrupt government propped up by The Kremlin. A balanced view of events however shows that the US / EU inspired coup was an attempt by the west to gain control of Russia's vital gas pipelines to the west and an attempt to drag Russia's neighbour into the European Union and NATO. Russia on the other hand decided with their ally China to grab an opportunity to trash the American economic hegemony by dumping the petrodollar as the global reserve currency. It was never going to work. Read more below:

Ukraine failed: War With Syria Is Back On The Agenda
What goes around comes around, only faster and faster it seems. The Syria conflict has been on the back burner since the false flag incident that was supposed to be the trigger for all out war by theā€¦

Now They Know Where Ukraine Is, Americas Lose Interest
Over the past few weeks I have been puzzled to see, while looking at some of the nuttier American news blogs (not necessarily run by creationists or right wingers I must say) who were alarmed by reports that Russian troops were massing on American territory.

Obama Issues Threats As Russia Dumps The US Dollar
Did you see what happened to the $US yesterday? In markets that class movements of one tenth of a cent as dramatic, a two cents drop in the value of the US dollar against the pound and the Euro should make people sit up and take notice.

Putin Flushes The Dollar Down The Toilet - We Told You So
Not long ago members of our little team posting on Boggart Blog, Little Nicky Machiavelli and The Daily Stirrer warned you that the USA and EU had a lot more to lose than Russia if they got into an economic war with The Kremlin. One proud, patriotic and utterly stupid American loftily informed me that the America had nothing to fear because the world trades in US dollars. That used to be right, unfortunately it is no longer so because China and the rest of

Ukraine Economic War
As economic war between the EU / USA and Russia lookes more likely than a shooting war between east and west over Ukraine, we look at the reasons why it has come to this and the likely consequences for our readers.

US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal
I warned of this a long time ago: How Saddam May yet Win The War
We are a lot further down the line now and I can see how true my predictions were: USA, Russia, Economic War Over Ukraine - an explainer which shows how Russia need not fear western economic sanctions if they are not supported by China, India and the Islamic world. It does not end there however. We also reported on Putin's plan, hatched with his Chinese allies, to ditch the dollar as reserve currency ... Continue reading

Ukraine Regime Change
The FUKUS axis - well mainly the US, France and the UK are just sockpuppets as any fule kno - are at it again. With proof having emerged that the USA and the EU have had agnts formenting unrest in Ukraine, it should come as no surprise that the US intelligence in the shape of the CIA is also busy strirring up anti government protest in Venezuela.

Ukraine Revolt Was Sponsored by USA / EU
We told you so - and now a US politician who once ran for the democratic nomination in the Presidential election has confirmed it, the USA and Europe were behind the revolution in Ukraine exactly as they have been in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, not to mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and as they were when The Balkans expoloded into war in the 1990s

Ukraine On The Brink
It looks like this might be the big one. With all America's plans to destabilise non supine nations in ruins as phase 2, the intstallation of a puppet government proved impossible, Obama who has already been bested by Putin several times cannot back down again. And this time the Russians have forced the crisis in their own backyard where the USA cannot possibly win. Interesting ....

New World Order economically annex Ukraine
Is it true that the uprising in Ukraine was anything but the spontaneous rebellion of a disenchanted population? Was it is fact just another regime change operation orchestrated by the FUKUS axis on behalf of the corporate and financial cartel that has hijacked western democracy.


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