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We were bullied into buying diesel cars to help the environment. Now experts admit this ‘green’ fuel is killing thousands of us
Remember all that fuss a few years ago about how much better for the environment it would be if we all drove diesel cars instead of petrol. As usual, the scientists couldn't see the smoke for the fumes and politicians only had the interests of oil companies and car makers in mind. Now it turns out diesel is worse for the envronment and our health after all. Now what did they call those of us who said that was the case all along? Conspiracy theorists or something.
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Britons face price hikes and energy shortages as Ukraine crisis threatens UK supplies
Households also face price hikes and energy shortages, as the rising tensions between the West and Russia threaten gas supplies to the UK. Petrol has risen above 130p a litre for the first time since January – and experts predict it will increase by another 2p in coming weeks. They blame nervous traders who have bought up crude oil stocks, pushing up the price per barrel and the cost of filling up the family car.

Petrol prices dropped to a three-year low of 129.82p a litre in January. By yesterday they had risen to an average of 130.17p. Diesel remained relatively low at 136.39p.

Russia and Iran strike $10bn energy deal
Iran and Russia are negotiating a power deal worth up to $10 billion. The construction of new thermal and hydroelectric plants and a transmission network are in the works. Iran’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian met his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak in Tehran to discuss the power deals, according to the Mehr news agency. They include the possibility of Russia exporting 500 megawatts of electricity to Iran. Moscow is discussing with Tehran the trade of 500,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil for Russian goods. The deal could be worth as much as $20 billion, and has rattled Washington because it could bring Iran's crude exports above a one million barrels a day which is the threshold agreed upon in the nuclear deal.
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Britain Faces Power Shortages - We Told You So
News that Britain faces power blackouts as obsolescence and authoritarian regulation by the EU and Euronazi's try to usurp the sovereign powers of our British Parliament should come as a surprise to nobody.

New Renewable Energy Scam Attacks Our Human Rights
We have reported the great wind turbine scam and the solar panel scam many times before but have always been supportive of hydro electric schemes. It turns out we were wrong, so corrupting is the greed on big money, so tempting is the lure of taxpayers cash that even hydro electricity has been seduced by those who can't resist the tempation to steal from the public purse.
Doctors may withhold treatment from patients with "green lifestyle issues."
A few weeks ago an item on the BMA's website linked to the "Doctors against climate change" group of the doctors' trade union. This body of medico-environmental socialist - utopians stated ...
UN Panel Says Redesign The World Economy For Sustainability
Politicians can phrase their press communiques in fine words and soaring rhetoric but in the end they cannot disguise the fact that their latest initiatives on saving civilizartion are just another thinly disguised move towards global government, a global economy and culture the suppression of the individual and a New World Order.

Environment Minister Resigns. Environment Shouts 'There Is A God' Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne resigned this morning from his role as Energy Secretary after being charged alongside his ex-wife Vicky Pryce with perverting the course of justice over speeding cover-up allegations. Mr Huhne and Miss Pryce have both been charged with the same offence after Miss Pryce allgeged that he asked her to take speeding points ...[UK Politics]

Scalar Waves: A hidden source of clean, cost free energy
A infinite supply of cost free, clean electricity that has been know to the world for over a hundred years but never exploited? Is Ian talking about a science fiction story? you might well ask. Well no, I'm not. Scalar Waves, discovered by Nikola Tesler have that potential along with the potential to put the energy companies outr of business ...

The Danish Experience - Problems With Wind Power And The Truth About Turbines
The truth about wind turbines, their real efficiency as opposed to the hyperbolic claims of clean sustainable energy firms and their lobbyists, politically correct politicians and green activists and how wind farm operators have been given a licence to pick the pockets of taxpayers

The Transparency Of British Gas
After many complaints the utilities regulators have told energy companies they must be more transparent about how their prices are formulated. If this criticism includes my gas supplier I think it is totally unfair. Those theiving scumbags extremely nice people at British Gas wrote me a very polite letter explaining that they must put up my gas prices by ...

The Great Wind Turbine Con Trick
A detailed and damning critique of wind turbine technology, renewable energy scams, green lobbying, the dodgy science behind the case for sustainable power and the politicisation of concerns about the environment. The whole thing looks more and more like a confidence trick by academics, politicians, big business and the New World Order ...

What Is The Truth About Oil Reserrves
Shell says we're entering a 'zone of uncertainty' over oil supply – a frank admission it hasn't a clue what's going to happen There is a perverse circular logic to George Osborne using tax revenues from the oil companies to subsidise our national car habit. It may worsen long-term energy security, obstruct the shift to a low-carbon economy and leave us vulnerable to uncontrollable global events, but it makes short-term political sense to the government. Just how big a gamble Osborne is making becomes clear when you look at how the oil companies themselves see the future ...

Scheme To Pull Electricity From The Air
On a more positive note for for the environmentally concerned comes news of a plan to pull electricity from the air and feed it into the grid ... read full report at BBC Knowledge

World Energy Crunch As Oil And Nuclear Go Into Crisis
The worsening crisis for global energy supplies could hardly have come at a worse moment. The epicentre of the world's oil supply is disturbingly close to its insurrection as civil conflict spreads throughout the Gulf States and around the Arab nations thet border the eastern Mediterranea. Nuclear Power had begun to look like a realistic prospect again as sustainables like wind and solar were found ...