The Great Conspiracy

What the powers that be do not tell us is of far greater significance than any of the things the ruling authority want to tell us

So they call you a conspiracy theorist and accuse you of being insane when you ask perfectly rational questions. Never forget that in the twentieth century the regimes that branded dissenters ~(people who question authority) as insane hand had them basnged up in asylums, concentration camps, gulkags, re - education facilities etc. were Nazi Germany, fascist Spain, and the Communist powers Russia and China under their tryrannical despots Joe stalin and Mao Tse Tung. Keep asking those difficult questions.

Killing Us Softly
I often write about the dangers of authorities of any kind. Authorities play a control game, and you are being controlled. We have submitted to authorities from the beginning of our lives, and we’ve been caught in this wheel for millennia. Our parents teach it to us, just as they had learned it. Then they send us to school and church, where the teachers and priests ...
New World Order